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Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD

The Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD from Palm Equipment is designed for users such as those using a SUP who don’t want to wear a conventional PFD. We had a look at the Glide PFD late last year and were pretty impressed by its design and reusability.

Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD

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Palm Snake Sling – Review

Last year Palm Equipment launched the new Snake Sling.

Palm Snake Sling - Review

The Palm Snake Sling is a 4m length of tape with sewn ends allowing the sling to be used in various different ways when you add a carabiner into the mix. What I really like is the fact that the sewn loops have been created in such a way that it is super easy to get a karabiner in/out of without high risk of snagging. I have a number of pieces of climbing kit with this setup and know that it works really well.

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Sweet Wanderer Helmet – The Poor Man’s Rocker?

The Sweet Wanderer Helmet comes in at around £120 which is around £50 cheaper than the Rocker. A search around the net can find Wanderers (and its Ski cousin the Rambler) for less than £100. The small visor (now fully integrated on the new model) keeps water and sun (if it’s around) out of your eyes so you can focus on the task at hand. Sweet’s occigrip tensioning system ensures that the Wanderer stays put giving optimum protection.

sweetwanderer (1)

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