The Sweet Wanderer Helmet comes in at around £120 which is around £50 cheaper than the Rocker. A search around the net can find Wanderers (and its Ski cousin the Rambler) for less than £100. The small visor (now fully integrated on the new model) keeps water and sun (if it’s around) out of your eyes so you can focus on the task at hand. Sweet’s occigrip tensioning system ensures that the Wanderer stays put giving optimum protection.

sweetwanderer (1)

Sweet’s Wanderer Helmet Features:

Carbon fiber reinforcement keeps your head safe without added weight
High impact ABS shell offers great durability and protection
EPP padding w/Coolmax liner
Occigrip tensioning system
Direct ventilation keeps air flow on you head
Self adhesive fit pads can be placed between the shock absorbing liner and the stitched liner for fit perfection

The Wanderer provides excellent all round head coverage, and is also very comfortable when worn.

Personally I find that the Wanderer is a much better fit for me than the Rocker as it doesn’t seem to press uncomfortably against my forehead. This is an important point and really highlights the need to try helmets on.

Sweet Wanderer Helmet

The most expensive helmet may not be the best fitting helmet for you.

Sweet Wanderer Helmet

The Occi-grip seems to do a pretty good job, the helmet feels snug but comfortable and stays put. Certainly when set up correctly the helmets isn’t going to budge.

Sweet Wanderer Helmet

Style wise I don’t think that the Wanderer is the prettiest helmet around and the Rocker is certainly a better looking helmet, for instance I find the logo particularly on the white helmet and the peak on the older models a little too large, but of course that comes secondary to the excellent protection it offers.

Sweet Wanderer Helmet


It is cheaper than the Rocker, but I don’t think that this is the whole story. Is it a Poor Man’s choice? No, I do think that the Wanderer offers Sweets excellent quality and protection at more reasonable price than the Rocker range. But the big thing for me is the fit. I could own a Rocker and I did for a short period of time, but as I have said the fit wasn’t comfortable for my head. The Wanderer is shaped differently and for me is the smarter and better choice. I am secure in the knowledge that Sweet offer some of the best looking and more importantly functional designs in the market place and am very happy to have my head protected by a Sweet Wanderer.

Would I buy one?

Yes, I have and am very happy with the purchase.

Would I get another?

Again yes, it provides the protection I require and offers a great fit for my head.