Choosing the right helmet is extremely important part of getting your safety gear correct. A poorly fitting helmet may be as effective as not wearing one at all.

For any helmet it always comes down to the fit, coverage, protection offered, intended use and paddler ability.


These factors change for each person and the best way to judge these factors is with comparisons to known entities:

Example 1:

Sweet Rocker = Benchmark

Try it on, it fits but not ideal for your head shape.

Shred Ready Standard = A known helmet with less protection than the rocker but higher than entry level helmets.

Try it on, it fits well. No movement without straps done up. Secure with straps fastened.

Shred Ready scores higher than Rocker, for you.


Example 2:

You swim regularly on class three rivers.

You see a person who looked totally competent on class four rapids wearing a non standard helmet.

Their helmet choice reflects a user ability that is different to yours. Helmet choice is different!

Example 3:

You see your paddling buddy take a knock whilst wearing a wanderer.

Your buddy is happy he was wearing his helmet.

You compare the amount of protection and coverage offered by your helmet and pop along to the canoe shop to try a Sweet Wanderer.

In the canoe shop the sales lady says “You should try on these helmets as well to really check the best fit, they all offer similar levels of protection and coverage and are well suited to the intended use you identified.”

Words by Morsey
Images by Unsponsored