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Reader’s Ride 2013 – Callum Strong

Name: Callum Strong
Location: Scotland


I don’t know if you guys have heard but I am a Zet UK team Paddler and have a hoody which says so in big letters so people in the bar know I’m the real deal without me having to tell them, although I do anyway. As such I paddle a Zet Raptor, a totally sick creek boat which I was paddling even before they got cool. I suppose I am somewhat of a “trendsetter” so listen up to the rest of my kitlist folks, this will read like a kayaking version of Vogue. I should point out that my Raptor is yellow, the best colour and also the second fastest. The fastest Zets are actually blue ones. I paddled a blue one over the summer whilst on an expedition in Siberia but unfortunately they don’t show up nearly as well in photographs, so yellow is the colour to go for.

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Photos: Mark Allen

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