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Zet Chili Vs Titan Nymph Vs Dagger Rewind Vs Jackson Antix 2.0

How do the new breed of river running slicey boats compare to one another? We compare the Zet Chili, Titan Nymph, Dagger Rewind (medium) and Jackson Antix 2.0.

A number of these kayaks are available in different sizes but we have selected the data for the sizes that are closely matched to the kayaks that are produced in one size only.

Zet Kayaks – Chili

Zet Kayaks - Chili
Zet Kayaks – Chili

Length: 273 cm
Width: 63 cm
Volume: 233 l
Paddler weight: 60-90kg

UK Cost: Based upon other models estimated to be around £900 when available.

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Zet Kayaks – Chili

Zet Kayaks have released details of there new river running play boat, The Zet Chili.

Zet Kayaks – Chili
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Zet Five – First Look

We have a Zet Five – First Look for you to check out. Thanks to the guys at Robinhood Watersports we have some shots of the new Zet Five.

Zet Five - First Look

The Zet Five is Zet’s sub 9ft whitewater race boat/river runner. It shares very similar dimensions and volume to some of the sub 9ft kayaks out there but the shape is a little different.

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ROHO Demo Day – Washburn

ROHO will be taking their demo fleet to the Washburn release this Sunday (9am – 4pm). They will have boats available from Jackson, Pyranha, Waka and Zet for you to try on the top section.

ROHO Demo Day - Washburn

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ZET 2015

A very nicely put together edit from Honza Lasko. The footage chasing down the gorge is superb.

Zet 2015

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Fall Line Canoes – Welding Magic


Take a Dagger Nomad hull, a Pyranha Burn’s side walls and a Zet Director deck and mix in some welding magic and you get something like this.

Fall Line Canoes have created this superb OC1 using a Nomad, Burn and Director. Simply awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Fall Line Canoes please check them out, they make the best canoe airbags available.

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Reader’s Ride 2015 – Nick Pearce


Name: Nick Pearce

Location: I split my time between Somerset and Voss, Norway

I have been paddling for the last 11 years and during that time, I have been lucky enough to paddle in some of the coolest locations around the world from the UK to Chile, France, India and New Zealand. My personal favorite and the place that constantly draws me back is Norway. It’s a land full of amazing rivers with still so much undiscovered potential. For the last 5 years I have spent my life working as a raft guide which allowed me to be closer to the river and to get as much boating in as possible. I also have the pleasure of being supported by some of the best companies on the market: Zet UK, AS watersports, System X and Silverstick.

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Reader’s Rides 2015 – Tom Davies

Name: Tom Davies (


Location: Manchester

Origin Story:

I first started paddling when I was 10, in Newport, South Wales.


I kind of fell out of love with the sport for a bit, until I went to University in 2012, and joined Manchester University Canoe Club. Since then, I’ve rapidly grown from a full time student into a full time kayaker. I try and get away to a river every weekend, and sometimes I succeed.

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Zet Toro

Zet have added a new kayak to the current three boat line up – The Zet Toro. The new Toro with new/updated outfitting is due for release spring 2015.

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Zet Kayaks – New Kayak

In around two weeks time Unsponsored will have the full specs on Zet’s new kayak. In the meantime check out these images of the new boat in action.


Many thanks to the guys from Zet for allowing me to share these images on Unsponsored.

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Zet Veloc

Take a Zet Raptor and make it a little bit smaller and then give it a little tweak and you have the Zet Veloc!

From Zet:

The new VELOC is inspired by the ground breaking design of the Raptor, but it comes with several important changes. The Veloc is perfectly suited for mid-sized and small whitewater paddlers, who are looking for a boat that can take them to their limits.

Zet Veloc

This kayak is balanced and easy to control on difficult whitewater. The high volume distribution in the bow, combined with the advanced rocker design make the boat fast and stable when paddling through holes and waves. As a result of the Veloc’s volume distribution the boat is highly responsive and resurfaces rapidly. Combined with the stable flat hull, this makes the Veloc a force to be reckoned with on both steep/technical and high volume rivers.

The outfitting has been redesigned making it more adjustable, robust, and comfortable than ever before.

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Zet Raptor

Zet are relatively new to the UK market but have gathered a loyal band of supporters. The Zet Raptor in particular has been getting quite a lot of attention since it was released.

Zet are based in the Czech Republic and are a technical and design collaboration of the production engineer/kayak producer Zelezny, extreme kayaker Honza Lasko and the Czech whitewater slalom paddler Viktor Legat.


Length: 255cm, 8′
Width: 68cm, 27″
Volume: 303l, 80gal
Weight Range: 65-100kg, 120-220lbs
Kayak Weight: 19kg, 42lbs

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