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Life On The (Throw) Line

After a couple of hours of paddling today I spied my HF Weasel Throwbag in the back of the car and had an idea. What if I attached my GoPro to the bag, what kind of footage could I get?

So…one Mount Star mount and a couple of zip ties later:

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What An Afternoon

I had a great time surfing a couple of the waves today at the Tees Barrage. Low water but big smiles.

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Butt Crack Creek

Butt Crack Creek from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Stage 3

Stage 3 from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Buying 2nd Hand Kayaks/Canoes – Buyers Guide

With the RRP of most whitewater kayaks hitting the dizzy heights of £900-£1000 buying second hand has a great deal of appeal. There are hundreds of unsused boats out there lurking at the bottom of gardens or getting in the way in garages.

You can find adverts for 2nd hand boats listed on Kayak/Canoe Forums, Facebook groups and of course sites like ebay. If you can it is always best to see the boat in person as you will potentially be buying something that will cost 100s of pounds and will need to take you safely down whitewater.

I am going to give a quick run down of what to look out for if you decide to go down the 2nd hand route. I’m also going to focus on the plastic kayaks that the vast majority of paddlers use.

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The Swale With Our Meds!

The Swale with our Meds! from sam ellis on Vimeo.

Demshitz Do the Wap

Demshitz Do the Wap from jared seiler on Vimeo.

The North Fork Championship II by River Roots

The North Fork Championship II by River Roots from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo.

TUKC – French Alps – Triple Step

The Cardboard Canoe Race – Teesside Big Paddle 2013

Norway Day 14 – The Brandseth Race

Today was the Brandseth Race which saw some big names gearing up to fight for the top prize. The racecourse section is tight and technical and with low water levels the fast lines became smaller and harder to make.

The final was close but in the end Sam Sutton came in 1st and notably Joe Morley smashed it and came 5th. In the ladies category Sandra missed out on 1st place but finished second winning herself a nice amount of money.

The rest of us chilled out by the river for the day and later got a nice paddle in on the Ruandal play sections.

Here’s some pictures from the day:

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Durango Kayaking

Durango Kayaking from 4Corners Riversports on Vimeo.

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