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Accessories For The GoPro Hero 4 Session

I’ve been looking at the range of GoPro accessories I currently have and have been using successfully with the GoPro Hero 4 Session. I have been using the GoPro range since the Hero 2 so there has been fair bit of trial and error over the years but I think that I have narrowed things down to kit that works and is actually worth getting and for the Session it has been narrowed down even further.

Accessories For The GoPro Hero 4 Session

Now to be fair there isn’t a great of GoPro issue gear that only works with the Session as its battery is fixed, it doesn’t need a case etc. Most accessories will work with the entire GoPro range.

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The Durance Valley Whitewater Sessions – Rabioux

The Durance Valley Whitewater Sessions are being held at Rabioux (France) from June 16-19th 2016.

The Durance Valley Whitewater Sessions - Rabioux

Based on the same principle as the late Corsica Kayak Session festival, The Durance Whitewater Sessions is a gathering for kayaks, open canoes, whitewater sup, class 5, beginners, clubs, groups, individuals!

If you want to discover the whitewater paradise that is the Durance Valley with no less than 10 amazing rivers within less than 30 minutes drive, or you simply want to come back to one of your favorite place to paddle … this is the right event for you.

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Movie Monday – 21 March 2016

We have a little German flavour for Movie Monday – 21 March 2016. Prijon and Spade kayaks in action around the world.

Movie Monday - 21 March 2016

Take a few minutes (or more) today to watch these great edits.

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Unsponsored Q&A – Can U Kayak

Over the last few weeks a young paddler has been blogging using Facebook as a platform. Her blog has gained a following from elite paddlers like Lowri Davies and Emily Jackson. This young female paddler is now inspiring others.

Unsponsored-Can-U-Kayak-Maya 5

Blogging as Can U Kayak on Facebook Maya writes: I just wanted to get my story out there, and this is how I can do it. My life it’s much different that other peoples. I have a condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which mean my joints dislocate and many other different things. Originally Can U Kayak was anonymous, as the popularity has grown, this has become less so.

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GoPro Pro Tip – Rafa Ortiz

Rafa Ortiz talks us through taking a shots with a GoPro using a remote and your teeth.

GoPro Pro Tip - Rafa Ortiz

A GoPro remote can even be paired with several cameras at once. This allows the control to fire multiple GoPros at the same time.

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Movie Monday – 14 March 2016

Welcome to Movie Monday – 14 March 2016. Your video schedule for work avoidance today includes kayaks, wave skis, SUP and rafts.

Movie Monday - 14 March 2016

Enjoy! Check out our sister site POV Action Cam for Friday Films ….. each Friday.

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Evan Garcia – Whitewater Reel 2015

Just over 3 minutes of glorious whitewater action from the guys at Substantial Media House. Enjoy!

Evan Garcia - Whitewater Reel 2015

2015 was another year for the books. Can’t enough about the good times I had with all the good people who were along for that wild ride. Every shot in this video is from 2015 and graciously filmed by: Fred Norquist, Josh Neilson, Ryan Lucas, Aniol Serrasolses, and Edward Mudridge.

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9R L: Not Just A Big 9R

Last year we had a chance to test a preproduction large 9R and loved it. It seems that almost every other boat that you see on the river is a 9R variant. I can certainly understand why.

9R L: Not Just A Big 9R

“The Large 9R is my favourite boat for expeditions; I have room for all my gear and food and still plenty of volume left to stay on top of the water. The 9R L is extremely fast and stays nice and dry really well, it’s stable and manoeuvrable when heavily loaded and makes kayaking a lot of fun!” – Gerd Serrasolses

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The Upper Green River Gorge

Daniel Patrinellis takes a couple or runs down the Upper Green River gorge.

The Upper Green River Gorge

The upper Green River gorge at higher than normal flows. This was November of 2015 and level was in the 5500-5000 range for two laps.

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10 Ways To Fall In Love With Paddling Again

In our paddling journey, we often hit dead ends, have a bad day, pickup injuries or simply lose interest over time. Here’s some ideas to not just get you back into paddling, but spice up your skills and love being on the water again.

Here are my 10 ways to fall in love with paddling again.

10 Ways to Fall in Love with Paddling Again

Fear! Sometime we’re not sure why we even bother.

Try a different discipline – if you’re a kayaker, try a canoe. Embrace the range of skills which you can learn from a different discipline, skills which are transferable across all paddlesport. You could try open canoeing, C-boating, kayaking, marathon, sprint, slalom, SUPing, rafting, dragonboating… the possibilities are endless!

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Spyderco Pacific Salt Black Blade – First Look

At Unsponsored HQ we love all outdoor gear. We also love gadgets and sharp things. The Spyderco Pacific Salt with a black H1 blade has just landed at HQ ready for review.

Unsponsored-spyderco-pacific-salt 8

We have been using Spyderco knives for years and have found them extremely reliable, extremely sharp and can hold their edge.

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National Student Rodeo – Rodeo Rabbit 2016

A special mention needs to go out to Rodeo Rabbit. A NSR Icon and national treasure.

National Student Rodeo - Rodeo Rabbit 2016

Rodeo Rabbit was particularly impressive this year. A year’s worth of training has clearly paid off as he was able to side step, swerve and leap out of danger.

This one is for you Rodeo Rabbit.

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