We have a little German flavour for Movie Monday – 21 March 2016. Prijon and Spade kayaks in action around the world.

Movie Monday - 21 March 2016

Take a few minutes (or more) today to watch these great edits.

Weiße Lütschine – Schweiz

Weiße Lütschine – Schweiz from Dominik Vogt on Vimeo.

2 Days in Tirol

2 Days in Tirol from Nico Schmidt on Vimeo.

Pure XL in Iceland

Pure XL in Iceland from Jóhann Geir Hjartarson on Vimeo.

Brandenburger Ache

Brandenberger Ache: kommentiert von Olli Grau from Olli Grau on Vimeo.

Snow Rock

Snow Rock from darinm on Vimeo.

The Gateway

The Gateway from darinm on Vimeo.

Curing hangovers on the rio palguin proper

curing hangovers on the rio palguin proper from ServoozMedia on Vimeo.


Salzachöfen from Robert Machacek on Vimeo.