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Arnside Tidal Bore Fail And Win

Gavin Hart and team went to try and surf the Arnside Tidal Bore, Cumbria on the 23rd and 24th March 2019.

Arnside Tidal Bore Fail And Win
Arnside Tidal Bore Fail And Win

The bore itself was shockingly naff but the features under the railway bridge that are created on the incoming tide were pretty fun whilst there for an hour or so. Highly recommend as a local playspot.


  1. Loungy

    Arnside is very hit and miss but to get any real action you need to venture out beyond the bank this envolves dropping into the holes in the middle of the viaduct a lot of effort but fun

  2. John Spear

    I never get a chance to experience this kind of fun, it is indeed something to try, what is the kayak you’re using?

  3. paddlingincumbria

    hey guys, Be interested to know how far out you guys went from Arnside, into the bay? how many hours before high water did you leave Arnside?

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