Since picking up a set of Astral Brewers last year they haven’t actually been used that much until quite recently. I also have a pair of Five Ten Water Tennies which I tend to wear with my drysuit and just love them so the Brewers haven’t seen much action. Which is unfair as the Brewers are a superb shoe. Read on….

We have had a small glimpse of summer so the shorts, short sleeved cag and Brewers have been put through there paces.

unsponsored_astral 1

I decided to use them in my new Dagger Jitsu. I usually wear a pair of super low profile Teva slip ons for playboating duties but thought I’d give the Brewers a try. They are obviously a much higher volume shoe with a thicker sole which takes up more room but will offer more protection.

unsponsored_astral 2

They turned out to be absolutely superb. The extra volume within the front of Jitsu obviously helped but the curve of the sole did mean that the Brewers turn. The low profile heel made it easy to get in and out of the boat.

The Brewers have good grip on wet grass and green concrete. I rescued an abandoned boat from the water so the soles were definitely put through there paces. The grip is excellent which I’d expect from the Five Ten sole. The Brewers also drained incredibly quickly. When I climbed pack in my boat I didn’t bring in a pile of water from the shoes. I have also found that the Brewers dry really well. Highly recommended. I suspect the Five Tens will be having a little rest over the next few months.


Lightweight, Minimalist
Construction (avg. 214 grams)
Durable Cordura® Upper
Breathable Airmesh vamp & tongue
Natural Balance™ Midsole (zero drop)
Drainage at front sidewall and Silt Dump at heel
Stealth® Outsole
Step-Down Heel
Alternate lace color provided