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Clearwater Living

Clearwater living

Clearwater is a small little town in British Columbia that has a lot to offer for whitewater. It offers a range of sections that can accommodate anyone in the paddling community, whether you’re looking for some big class V or some easy class II.

The area has high class creeking, big water, play and rafting runs. It also has an amazing whitewater festival organised by Mat Kas! The event brings in paddlers young and old from all around to get together and compete in either the Sabertooth Canyon Race (class IV) or the middle canyon which is a fun exciting big water class III. But if paddling really fast isn’t your thing and you would rather throw down your best playboating moves we have a freestyle event that everyone can compete in. If your not into competing then come along and watch the athletes strut their stuff and join in the festivities that go into early hours of the morning.. (if you choose so).

Details can be found here:
Here is an edit of my summer here in Clearwater!

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