I receive a couple of emails each day asking about the GoPro setup that I currently have running, so here is an update.


I use both a GoPro Hero 4 Black edition and Hero 4 Session. Both have there firmware updated every time there is a new release.

All of my GoPro cameras are fitted with a GoPro Floating Back Door when they are used on my boat or helmet. They also all have a leash system fitted as a backup. The Session 4 frame has a leash attachment point built in which makes things a little easier.

I find the WiFi system useful and although I own a smart WiFi Remote. It is not used as much as the iOS app. I tend to use the app to change settings on the cameras and use the remote if I wish to control more than one camera at once. For the Session 4 it is far easier to setup using the app due to the function of the buttons.

GoPro Hero 4 camera also have a GoPro Anti-Fog Insert fitted. I’ve tried various alternatives but find (reluctantly) that the GoPro ones are the best. They seem to be the only ones that work as advertised. A the Session works without a case it is not possible to use them, although as it doesn’t have a case it doesn’t need them either.

In the past I used batteries from Wasabi. GoPro have thankfully upped their game and dropped the price on the OEM batteries a little so I use the GoPro batteries in the Hero 4. The Session has a fixed internal battery that cannot be swapped out, so you get what you get.

Unsponsored-GoPro-Session- (7)

The GoPro pack of doors and caps has been a great investment. The can has been used more than anything else. As soon as I remove the Hero 4 from its case I always try to get a cap straight on the lens. GoPro do not make a cover for the Session 4 as yet but there are a number of third parties that do.

I use a flat mount on the bow of each of my boats and a curved mount on my helmets. It’s useful to have a GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts kicking around. I have never used stick on mounts from other sources as I have heard others have had pretty bad experiences with mount failures. At the end of the day you are putting on £200 – £300 camera in the hands of a mount. Is it worth saving a few £s on a mount or two? I don’t think so.

To store my cameras I use a Lowepro Cashpoint AVC 1. They are well made and even the smaller one can take a couple of camera plus accessories.

I use a Joby Gorillapod and a Mount Star mount for tripod duties. The Mount Star mount allows me to clip my GoPro straight into it without having to mess about with taking things apart.

unsponsored_gopro_HF 2

I’ve also started using the GoPro Jaws mount. Which is a plastic clamp that has a pretty solid grip. I have used it on my paddles, boat, trees and posts with great success. In recent times I’ve used on my VE Carbon pole to get some long reach shots.

unsponsored-Ve-Pole2 (1)

For shorter reach handheld shots I’ve started using the GoPro The Handler. After using several other grips, this one seems to offer the best grip/feel.

Memory cards are best at Class 10/ U3 and I have chosen to go 32GB plus in all cases. The bulk of my cards are Lexar 633x but I have also started to use the new PNY Turbo boost range without issue.