I receive a couple of emails each day asking about the GoPro setup that I currently have running, so here is an update.

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I use both a GoPro Hero 3 Silver and Black editions, but I actually prefer the silver! Both have there firmware updated every time there is a new release.

All of my GoPros are fitted with a GoPro Floating Back Door when they are used on my boat or helmet. The OEM floaty backdoors are supplied with a door and float. The door will fit all of the currently available GoPros (Update: will not fit the recently released GoPro Hero 3+). But I have also been trying out a float that I have attached to one of the doors I already have. This seems to be working well and is half the price. They also all have a leash system fitted as a backup.

I find the WiFi system useful and although I own a WiFi Remote – Hero 2 and 3 it is rarely used. I tend to use the iOS app more than anything else but this will only connect with one camera at a time. However I do plan to use the WiFi Remote a little more when I am lining up shots for multiple cameras and setting them “off” at the same time.

All of my cameras also have a GoPro Anti-Fog Insert fitted. I’ve tried various alternatives but find (reluctantly) that the GoPro ones are the best.

I tend to carry at least one spare battery and have opted for the Wasabi Battery for the Hero 3. It has a little more umphh than the OEM unit and is cheaper!


The GoPro pack of doors and caps has been a great investment. They help protect the lens on both the camera and the case so are well worth the money.

I use a flat mount on the bow of each of my boats and a curved mount on my helmet. It’s useful to have a GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts kicking around.


I use a Joby Gorillapod and a Mount Star mount for tripod duties. The Mount Star mount allows me to clip my GoPro straight into it without having to mess about with taking things apart.


For the Hero 3 the cards must be Class 10 and I have chosen to go 16GB plus in all cases. My thoughts on suitable SD cards can be found here.