Level Six have released a brand new throw line that uses 20m of static Dyneema rope that glows in the dark.

Level Six Quickthrow Pro
Level Six Quickthrow Pro

The 3/8” 20 M rope features an 11% stretch threshold and boasts a 1700KG breaking strength. The mesh panels allow quick draining and drying, and the gusseted zipped opening system is designed to make re-packing your throw bag quick and easy.

Check out our new Quickthrow Pro throwbag with industry first glow in the dark rope! Pair this bag with our quick release throw bag belt and you have the best rescue throw bag system on the market. The 3/8″ static rope is easy to handle and ready to take on any serious rescue.

Level Six

The Quickthrow Pro retails at €126. The standard Quickthrow (non-pro) version which has the same bag but comes with 20m of dynamic rope retails at €70.