Mark Mulrain along with a few friends spent a couple of weeks out paddling in the Norway during the summer of 2011. Mark has kindly agreed to his Norway trip log being published on Unsponsored.

The log details the runs and overall costs incurred during the trip. This should prove to be a useful guide for anyone thinking about paddling out in Norway. Prices are correct for July/August 2011 and exchange rates are based upon the published rates on the 07/08/11.

Norway Summer 2011 – Part 1 from Mark Mulrain on Vimeo.

27th June
09:45 – leave home (East Kilbride)
11:30 – Leave Martin’s (Larkhall)
15:30 – Met Dan at Clitheroe Petrol – £25

28th June
Picked up kit @ Brookbank, Food and misc items – £70
22:00 – Left Dan’s
29th June

00:45 – Arrive @ Immingham Ferry Port
05:00 – Ferry Departs

Norway Trip Log

30th June
22:30 – Off Ferry in Brevik, Norway

1st July
04:30 – Camped at Moneydrop
Fuel – 200 KR
Watched Races on Brandsetelvi Lower Strondelvi, high levels

2nd July
*Free WIFI @ Military Building on the opposite side of the road from the Brandsetelvi get out*
Camping at Voss.

3rd July
Brekkedalselvi; 1 lost boat, 2 lost paddles, 3 swims in the group
Martin off travelling with Orky and Barry

4th July
Petrol – 201.25 KR
Food – 15.25 KR
Raundalselvi; Rafting Section and Playrun
Left Voss, Travelling to Lom. Roadside campsite.

5th July
Toll – 35 KR
Roadside Campsite

6th July
Lågen: Rosten
Tyre Repair – 125 KR Fuel – 100 KR
Upper Rauma Camping @ Rauma

7th July
Upper Valldøla; 1st swim Camping @ Valldal

8th July
Langedalselva Ferries – 86 KR

9th July
Middle Valldøla
Valldal Festival – 175 KR

10th July
Dropped Pierre at Vigra Airport Pierre contributed – 400 KR Fuel – 100 KR
Shower – 20 KR
Camping at Rauma

Norway Trip Log

11th July
Bomveg – 17 KR
Upper Jori
Camping at Sjoa Kayak Camp – 50 KR
*WIFI available at Sjoa Camp*

12th July
Bomveg – 8 KR
Store Ula
Food – 30 KR
Sjoa; Playrun & Åmot Sjoa Fest – 750 KR

Norway Summer 2011 – Part 2 from Mark Mulrain on Vimeo.

13th July
Sjoa; from Åsengjuvet to Sjoa Camp
Pimp and Ho Party

14th July
Time Trials on the Slalom section of the Sjoa Sjoa Playrun

15th July
Ula Slides Race Bomveg – 7 KR

16th July
Sweet Rumble
Åmot Gorge Fuel – 150 KR Closing Party

17th July
Rest Day
Martin rejoins us

18th July
Welding Dan’s Boat
Åmot Gorge
Camping at German Camp on the Sjoa with Imperial Uni CC

19th July
Food – 33 KR Shower – 10 KR Stamps – 24 KR Fuel – 100 KR
Moneydrop; popped shoulder, swim. End of my boating this trip.
*WIFI in Voss. Jeana Rokne shop, opposite Post Office*

20th July
Picked up Callum @ Bergen Airport Petrol – 150 KR
Food – 31.25 KR
Lower Strondelvi

21st July
Dagali Festival Pass – 150 KR
*WIFI in camping reception*
Competitions on the Numedalslågen

22nd July
Food – 15 KR
Competitions on the Numedalslågen

23rd July
Food – 15 KR
Competitions on the Numedalslågen

24th July
Train Booked from Geilo > Bergen – 199 KR (
Food – 46.50 KR
Bomveg – 15 KR
Camping @ Skogsåa

25th July
Lower Skogsåa
Fuel – 100 KR
Camping @ Lake Tinnsjø

26th July
Food – 20 KR Mår Homerun

27th July
Food – 75 KR
Upper Austbygdåi
Stayed @ Helena’s in Dagali

28th July
Bomveg – 6.25 KR Numedalslågen
Rebate for unused food – £20 Whisky sold to Callum – £30 Stayed @ Torill’s in Geilo

29th July
Me and Martin travelling home 10:15 – Train left Geilo
Boat on Train – 175 KR
14:30 – Arrived in Bergen
Food – 210 KR
Airport Bus – 95 KR
Stayed in Bergen Airport
*Free WIFI in Bergen Airport with cards showing username and password*

30th July

Tape – 12.50 KR
Boats checked in as special baggage – 750 KR Food – 45 KR
14:00 – Left Bergen
16:00 – Arrived in Edinburgh
Driven home by my Dad (

Trip Expenses (£)

Ferry – 250.00
Breakdown Cover – 15.00
Flight – 79.50
Insurance – 47.60
Fuel – 25.00
Supplies – 50.00
Total – 467.10

Trip Expenses (KR)

Voss Fest – 183.33
Tyre Repair – 125.00
Valldal Fest – 175.00
Sjoa Fest – 800.00
Dagali Fest – 150.00
Train – 199.00
Boats on Train – 175.00
Fuel – 751.25
Tolls/Ferries – 183.70
Airport Bus – 95.00
Special Baggage on Plane – 750.00
Food – 451.33
Misc – 100.00
Total – 4138.61

Total Spent

On 07/08/11;
4138.61 KR = £461.47.
Total spent: £928.57

Things to Consider for Future Norway Trips

Try not to have empty seats in the van, so fuel costs are split as much as possible. Take as much food out as possible in van. Meat can be bought from UK butchers in vacuum packs. Perhaps avoid expensive, low quality Voss festival camping. Take booze, you can sell anything you don’t want.

Only pay to compete in expensive races if you’re taking it very seriously. Book things like flights and trains as early as possible to get the best price.

Check boats in for flight early. Take a print off of boat specs and hopefully they won’t weigh the boat. Martin managed to check in a 30kg boat with kit inside and only paid the charges for the 23 kg weight limit. Once you have a tag on the baggage, they are unlikely to weigh the baggage again. Laptops are great for days off and evening entertainment.

Make lots of Norwegian friends if you can, they are lovely people and some even put you up for the night and feed you. Perhaps you could offer to transport cheaper UK priced equipment over to them?