Ottilie Robinson-Shaw Joins The C1 Conversions Team
Ottilie Robinson-Shaw Joins The C1 Conversions Team

I’m pleased to welcome Ottilie Robinson-Shaw to The C1 Kayak Conversions Team. For those who don’t know Ottie, Ottie is a World Champion kayaker. She is 2019 and 2017 ICF Freestyle World Champion, 2018 European Champion and ICF Double World Champion, 4 times British Champion, and has the record for the highest ever score on ICF competition. We’re hoping that Womens C1 is about to be introduced to World Freestyle Competition, and I’m excited that I can be part of Ottie’s transition into C1 Freestyle. Ottie feels confident in taking the top team spot and is a likely favourite to medal.

I look forward to working with Ottie and inspiring more girls into the sport.

Paul Harwood – C1 Kayak Conversions

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