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Beater Tuesday

Beater Tuesday – an after work smash and grab at Aysgarth Falls, with a little added excitement….

Beater Tuesday

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A Big Day Out – Yorkshire

A bit of snow melt managed to raise water levels nicely during the course of last weekend.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 22.06.47

A quick edit with some footage thrown together from a day on Whitsundale beck, the upper Swale and Aysgarth falls.

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Classics Fanatics

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 14.01.31

While he was supposed to be cutting the lawn Unsponsored’s little brother River nipped out and caught some of the best summer UK Monsoon season levels of the year.

Classics Fanatics from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

An evening of heavy rain brought Aysgarth Falls and The River Swale into fine condition! With a little Falls of Lora action thrown in for good measure… Timeless whitewater.

UK Monsoon Season – Little Summer Treats 2

The UK Monsoon season continues to provide good summer paddling conditions across the North. Heavy down pours have once again produced some awesome paddling opportunities.

For Ant Shaw, Ryan Hargreaves and Tom Hainsworth this has meant some great boating in God’s own county – North Yorkshire.

Little Summer Treats 2 from Lakesboaters on Vimeo.

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