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Astral Greenjacket 2020

For 2020 Astral have made an update to the colours of the Greenjacket. In addition to the all black colour scheme from 2019 they also have this blue/red combination.

Astral Greenjacket 2020
Astral Greenjacket 2020

What do you think? It also matches one of the new colour ways for the Serpent 2.0.

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New Palm Equipment PFD

This probably the best shot we’ve seen of the new Palm Equipment PFD as worn by Bren Orton in a number of videos.

This shot is from Dewerstone. The production version could be dropping soon.

New Palm Equipment PFD

When I first saw Paul’s photo (below) I initially thought that the PFD looked like a FX or FX R in a funky new colour. But there is clearly a different zip and an additional zipped side pocket.

New Palm Equipment PFD

The jacket looks new as well!

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Yak High Back 60N – First Look

We first saw the Yak High Back 60N last year at Paddle Expo 2015, since then the initial concept has been developed and has gone into production.

Yak High Back 60N

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PeakUK River Guide PFD – First Look

PeakUK have continued to develop their ever popular PFD range. The River Guide PFD is just one of many that has had a re-design over the last few years. In addition to the Red/Grey colour scheme PeakUK have introduced Blue/Lime to match the new deluxe drysuit.

PeakUK River Guide PFD - First Look

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Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD – First Look

We don’t see much in the of Kokatat here in the UK so it was great to check out the neat Kokatat stand. On display up front was the Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD.

Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD

Now the Maximus Centurion isn’t new as its been available since last year. Previous models have been available in navy or yellow, but this one in orange looks the business.

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Yak Highback PFD – First Look

The Yak Highback PFD shown here is a prototype so some tweaks no doubt will be made before it is finally released in 2106.

Yak Highback PFD

From the front the PFD looks pretty conventional. Quality fabric, good cut, two large storage pockets and plenty of adjustment. However turn it around and it’s a different story.

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Astral Greenjacket 2016 – First Look

If it aint broke don’t fix it. Wise words and something that Astral have done. They’ve looked at the Astral Greenjacket 2016 and just moved it on a little adding to the design to take it up yet another notch.

Astral Greenjacket 2016 - First Look

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Pin Kit – Rescue PFD

Your Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is probably along with your helmet your prime piece of protection whilst on the water. Your PFD not only helps to keep you afloat it also offers vital padded protection for your body.

The Rescue PFD is something as yet I have not covered as part of the Pin Kit series. So here it is.

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Astral YTV PFD – First Look

Firstly the Astral YTV PFD is not available in Europe but thanks to the Internet it is super easy to get hold of one.

unsponsored_ 7

I have had mine for a number of weeks and was able to put it through its paces on whitewater for the first time this week. A full review will be published in a couple of months, so in the meantime here is a little detail on the YTV Continue reading

Astral YTV PFD – First Look

Although not available in Europe I managed to get hold of the new Astral YTV PFD for review.

unsponsored_ytv 6

As yet it hasn’t been used in anger but first impressions are pretty good. Super light and super slim (unlike the model).

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Prototype Palm FX PFD?

Below are a few shots of what must be a prototype Palm FX PFD. The front of the PFD looks the same as the production models with the exception of the zip pull running in the opposite direction.

unsponsored_FX_PFD_Proto 1

The straps (other than colour) look just the same as the production models. Continue reading

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