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Palm Equipment Bolt Throw Bag

We love the Lightning throw bag from Palm Equipment and got a the heads up that the older bags were ready to to redesigned earlier this year. So we are really glad to see that we know have the 20m 11mm Palm Equipment Bolt throw bag in the line up for 2017.

Palm Equipment Bolt Throw Bag

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Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag – Hands On

Palm had a lightning bag shipped to Unsponsored HQ as soon as the production models were available. Retail customers will be able to get hold of a bag from good kayak/canoe retailers over the next few weeks.

Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag - Hands On

Since the bag arrived we have had a good look over it and have tested but the feel, throwing and repacking ease with a number of different paddlers. Since the Lightning bag has already been compared to the HF Weasel by many it also makes sense to make some further comparisons during this initial look at the Lightning.

I have had the chance to have a close look at the Lightning bag a few times but this is the first time that I have been able to have not only a look but actually use the bag.

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