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Increase The Lifespan Of Your Kayak By Transporting It Correctly

“Increase the lifespan of your kayak by transporting it correctly” contains a number of great tips from the guys at Pyranha.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Kayak By Transporting It Correctly

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Thule Wing Bar – Review Update

A change of car has forced me to seek out a new set of roofbars. I wanted the best set of roof bars for my car without going silly on the cost. This time I have went for the Thule Wing bars (aka Aeroblades in the USA). I love cars that can have a set of roof bars bolted to them, either to fittings hidden within the roof or roof rails.

The new Unsponsored HQ paddle wagon/family transporter is a very sensible two litre 184bhp Skoda Octavia VRS estate. It has replaced the BMW 320d Touring shown in these images.

Thule Wing Bars

So am I still using these bars with the new car?

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Strap It Down

Flying boats! I have seen it happen and it has happened to my kayak on one occasion. The sinking feeling you get as you see your boat fly off the top of the car isn’t very nice.

In the case of my kayak there was a flapping sound, followed by the clunk of the buckle hitting the car roof followed by a whoosh as two kayaks flew off down the road! Fortunately on both occasions no one was hurt and the damage to the boats minor. If it had been later in the day it could have been a different story.

Tying your boat onto the roof rack correctly is critical. It could save both your kayak and car from serious damage and keep other unsuspecting motorists that little bit safer. Using good quality straps or rope is a must and if the strap/rope is worn then they must be retired.

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