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Reader’s Ride 2015 – Nick Pearce


Name: Nick Pearce

Location: I split my time between Somerset and Voss, Norway

I have been paddling for the last 11 years and during that time, I have been lucky enough to paddle in some of the coolest locations around the world from the UK to Chile, France, India and New Zealand. My personal favorite and the place that constantly draws me back is Norway. It’s a land full of amazing rivers with still so much undiscovered potential. For the last 5 years I have spent my life working as a raft guide which allowed me to be closer to the river and to get as much boating in as possible. I also have the pleasure of being supported by some of the best companies on the market: Zet UK, AS watersports, System X and Silverstick.

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Astrals New PFD

Astral have released details of their new YTV PFD. It looks like a nice and simple design. It’s definitely one I’d like to try out.

For 2013 we are proud to announce new freestyle inspired design from Astral, the YTV. This newest addition to the line introduces our Torso-Lock™ foam platform that has been in evolution for almost 8 years now. The YTV was created to be “Simple by Design” to address the specific needs of freestyle kayakers , sailors, and general use whitewater enthusiasts. We also wanted to create a design that was ideal for first time paddlers looking for a comfortable and easy to use lifevest.

Nose Plugs/Clips

A lot of discussion goes on about the pros and cons of wearing nose plugs. I don’t really want to entering into that becuase at the end of the day it is down to personal choice. So assuming you wish to wear nose clips – which ones are best?

Up until quite recently the nose plugs available have been developed specifically for swimming or diving – all types being adequate for the job but not ideal. However over the last 8 years paddle sport specific plugs have made an appearence.

Generally the paddle sport specific plugs follow the same design concept – a u-shaped piece of wire (which is relatively stiff) with paddling of some sort on the ends that will make contact with the nose and a leash to attach them to your helmet so you don’t loose them! The padding usually consists of foam, rubber, or plastic.

As far as I’m concerned my decision on which set of nose plugs to use is based around a number of key questions; Continue reading

Smiley Nose Clips

The Smiley Nose clip as far as I am concerned is one of the best bits of kayaking kit available. It works so well and keeps on working year after year that you actually take it for granted.

I have one attached to each of my helmets (always on the right) and one on a neck lanyard for pool use.

Smiley Nose Clip

Smiley Nose Clips

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