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Kayak Technique – Chest And Shoulders

Kayak Technique - Chest And Shoulders
Kayak Technique – Chest And Shoulders

The 4th video in the series shows how the shoulders and chest contribute to the generation of power and how they conserve the power and keep it contained in the body and boat.

Ultimate Kayak
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Do You Carry A First Aid Kit While Paddling?

Do You Carry A First Aid Kit While Paddling? For years I didn’t bother. The rivers being ran were relatively close to help but it still could take time get it. This had to change.

For the last few years I have been using Adventure Medical as my main first aid kits. I stumbled upon them when I was trying to find an ultralight kit for mountain biking. Since then I have purchased several Adventure Medical First Aid Kits and they can be found in my rucksacks and now in my kayak as part of my “When it all goes wrong kit“.


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10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

When you start your paddling career progression is often very rapid. Skill acquisition is quick and you develop the technique required to safely get you down a piece of water. After you have been paddling for a while it is easy to hit a plateau. Moving past this can seem quite difficult but a few changes or adaptations can help you to continue to make progress/develop.

10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

Consider where you mainly paddle. Change venue if you can. Try a new piece of water.

Paddle more. It’s a simple step that can really speed up your progress.

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Next Generation Training

I first became inspired to enter the outdoor industry on a trip to Val Sesia with Gene17 when I was working for a bank, feeling pretty lost in life and confused by what my future held.

An (almost certainly) off the cuff comment from one of our coaches at the time saw me on an intensive outdoor instructor training course less than a year later, and I haven’t looked back since.

Next Generation Training

Each year Gene17 invite applications to come and join them on a week of intensive training aimed at those wishing to improve, or enter high end whitewater guiding. This year Me, Bastien and Matt were all lucky enough to be offered a place, along with another six paddlers from the UK and Europe.

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Playboater Troubleshooter – Episode 2 – Positions of Power

The playboater troubleshooter series is quickly becoming one of the must watch range of videos on the net. I watch a great deal of kayak videos online and only a select few get posted on Unsponsored. The work that Chris Wing produces is simply A1.

Training And The Art Of Becoming A Better Paddler


Training is something I don’t mention on the site as I believe if you are out paddling then that is as far as training needs to go. However a few bits and bobs have cropped up in conversation over the last few weeks that I thought I would get onto the site.

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Adidas Sickline 2011 – Training Session

EJs take is really interesting:

“With 26 countries and the worlds fastest slalom racers, creekers, expedition boaters, freestyle kayakers, etc.. all competing, I am comfortable with the idea that this is the World Championships of Extreme racing. No race in the world has a stronger field. Green race has a very strong field but nothing like this. This is the real deal with huge depth of field. Any time you have 10 people stacked into 1 second, you have a strong depth of field. That is pretty awesome. 60th place was only 6.25 seconds behind 1st place in a single run. That is an average of 10 people in each second.”

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