Finding its spark from the progression and love for the sport on display by young kayakers at Bren’s Park Jam events, Palm knew they had to take a larger role in the development of the next generation of kayakers through our sponsorship programmes. 

The Palm Groms - Mentorship Programme
The Palm Groms – Mentorship Programme

Over the past year or so, Palm and their team paddlers have been working hard behind the scenes developing the Palm Groms Mentorship Programme with a small group of hand-picked junior paddlers from across the country and beyond. Their goal is to support aspiring young kayakers in becoming the best paddlers they can be – from having access to the Palm Equipment range to having a designated mentor from the Palm team to help them develop their skills, future goals and paddling ethos.

Whether that’s helping them learn a new trick, developing their safety skills or simply getting out on the water and shredding with them. The emphasis will always be on having a good time! 

The priority of the programme is having fun on the water, with four pillars that uphold the overall goals and values of the mentorship – flow & style, adventure, safety and spirit. From sharing Palm’s team culture in developing friendly, approachable paddlers who are encouraged to think differently and creatively, to the more practical elements of developing their own style, learning clean techniques, planning their next adventure and being safe!

Palm has always supported young paddlers’ progression in paddle sport and recogising their talent – through developing gear, supporting them at an early age (like Bren Orton since age 16), hosting annual online Palm Groms Summer of Fun competitions and supporting programmes like the Cardiff Kids’ Academy run by Cardiff International White Water. The Palm Groms Mentorship Programme is the next step in Palm’s commitment to nurturing young paddlers and they can’t wait to share what comes next.

To keep up to date with the Palm Groms journey please follow along with the groms on Instagram @palmgroms and keep an eye out for our Palm Groms logo on the water and online.

If you know of juniors with great potential, make sure they take part in the annual online Palm Groms Summer of Fun competition on Instagram @palmgroms, and attend the Park Jam tour as well as any other events Palm attends for the chance to get involved.