Hot off the press – The latest neoprene accessories from Palm Equipment.

Don’t let your hands, head or little toes get cold – Palm Equipment have a brilliant new range of eco-friendly neoprene accessories, including five new items to their already wide range: the Surf hood, NeoFlex hood, fingerless Clutch gloves, Neoflex gloves and Claw mitts.

Warm Warmer Warmest
Warm Warmer Warmest

Having used non-petroleum based neoprene for some time in their garment range, Palm have carried on their commitment to reducing impact by switching the new neoprene accessories range to limestone neoprene, which produces 24% less CO₂ in the production process than oil-based neoprene. Not only that, but the carbon black pigment used to dye the neoprene is made from old tyres. They have also taken a step further in using water-based glue to bond the face fabric to the neoprene to eliminate the VOCs found in conventional solvent based glues.

Picking out the warm, warmer and warmest models have never been easier with their newly introduced simple colour-coding system. If it’s really cold, the orange Quick-dry range with its woven thermal lining is the one you want. For warmth with flex, their green labelled products have a titanium coating for insulation and is made of super stretch neoprene material. One step further, the grey coded NeoFlex is ultra thin, supple and, in a hood or glove, feels like you’re not wearing them. And for everyday rock solid use, the blue labelled products are all 3 mm and jersey-lined for comfort and warmth.

Available in stores now, Palm’s new neoprene range features an extensive range of products with something for almost every paddler.

From: Palm Equipment