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What Has Chris Got In His PFD?

What has Chris got in his PFD?

What Has Chris Got In His PFD?

Chris Brain is back and that PFD pocket looks pretty full.

  1. Fox Whistle
  2. River Knife
  3. Palm Snake Sling
  4. Screw Gate Carabiner
  5. Sun Cream
  6. Snacks
  7. Pulley
  8. Prusik
  9. Laplander Folding Saw
  10. Car Keys in a waterproof pouch
  11. Cell Phone in a waterproof pouch

What do you have in yours?

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  1. David Brearley

    Identical apart from the following:

    Extra knife and extra prusik
    Same saw but its in my dry bag as the Extreme BA probably wouldn’t hold it anyway.
    Sun protection lip cream (could be doubled up as normal sun cream I suppose)
    Spare bolts/washers/wing nuts/bung (I’ve lost count how many times this pack has been depleted by my university club and I had to restock it)
    Electrical tape (find gaffer tape is useless when its wet and guerrilla tape is too expensive for what I normally need tape for eg. peoples fingers)

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