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A New Half Slice Kayak From Prijon

Prijon have a new half slice about to be released on the paddling community. This one looks interesting with a great deal of volume upfront. This new kayak is the Pike.

Prijon Pike

From Prijon:

The new PIKE is a sporty river runner with an enormous fun factor. Thanks to its fast and agile shape, this boat combines the paddling dynamics of a riverrunner with the safety of a creeker.

It has enough rocker and volume to climb up over big holes, a sporty stern for a lot of fun, and a planing hull for when you find an inviting river wave.

The PIKE accelerates rapidly, reaches speed with just a few strokes, can be paddled on a line and or turned on the spot. In, through and out of eddies, surfing and carving becomes a real pleasure with it.

The flat bottom impresses with a lot of guidance and speed and follows precisely every stroke. You can add eddies and waves to your line as smoothly as if you were sitting in a slalom boat.

Plus: There’s a lot of fun in the stern – it invites you to play. Thanks to its low volume, the new PIKE turns fast and super-simple and can easily be undercut. In the bow there is a lot of rocker, safety and volume for wild water. Besides all of its fun factors, it’s also a serious WW kayak. When things get rough, the new PIKE always stays on top and dry thanks to its voluminous and strongly curved bow.


Material HTP

Length 273 cm

Width 64 cm

Weight PRO 20 kg / SPORT 18 kg

CockpitL (86 x 51 cm)

Volume 250 L

Paddler weight 60 – 90 kg

This red kayak appears to be a prototype with some distinct differences between it and the green Pike above.

Here is the Green (and production version) but in Red. How many differences can you spot?


  1. M

    According to the website ( the green one is also a prototype.

    • Unsponsored

      Very very close to be production. Only a few tweaks to be made. Red version an earlier iteration.

  2. DJ

    Just ordered one from Paths, Peaks, and Paddles in the US. Now the long wait for its arrival in July. Have really high hopes for it.

  3. Tom Suffling

    They might want to avoid the sharp angle on the deck behind the seat ( side view) – could create a fold point. A curve would be better I think.

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