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New 2019: Prijon Munga

The Prijon Munga is the 1st ever crossover kayak from Prijon with a skeg!

Your allround kayak! Made for a relaxed trip on a lake or whitewater up to class 3. This kayak enables you to experience the whole range of paddling! 

NEW 2019: Prijon Munga
New 2019: Prijon Munga
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What Are Prijon Cooking Up?

What Are Prijon Cooking Up? The Prijon Grizzly?

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Prijon Cocaine

Prijon have just released their newest creeker. The Cocaine takes some of the features found in it’s previous creekers such as the Pure XL and Cali and have brought it right up to date to make it competitive against the newer designs that have hit the market in recent years.

Prijon Cocaine

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Prijon 2B – More Images

Prijon have recently released some images of the new Prijon 2B Duo/Tandem kayak. As with all Prijon kayaks the 2B is blow moulded and starts life as a tube.

Prijon 2B

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More 2018 Gear From Paddle Expo 2017

We have got more 2018 from Paddle Expo 2017.

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Prijon Outfitting 2017

Darin McQuoid gives us a walkthrough of the new Prijon Outfitting for 2017.

Prijon Outfitting 2017

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Old Is The New New

Darren Clarkson-King is a huge fan of old school kayak designs and owns many of the classics. He gives us his take on Old Is The New New.

Should you buy new or used, will you enjoy your paddling more in the latest boat?

We all love the smell and feel of a fresh new boat – the latest design, latest color to match our PFD. We may tell ourselves that our skill base will increase with the latest design. Whilst this may be a half truth it is not the whole truth. Some of the worlds hardest runs were pioneered many years ago, at the evolution from composite to plastic. Sure you have all seen Stikine footage of Dancers, Eclipse or Overflows. Or the Indus footage in Stunt and Roto bats. What about the Tsangpo in H2 or classic Cali runs in the Diablo. Lets not forget the steep runs of Europe in the mighty Topo. You can still find these styles of boat on ebay, gumtree etc for less than a night out.

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Why spend £1000 on a boat you are going to want to upgrade soon anyhow, or worse break and landfill, taking 500+ years to decompose. An older design will do he same job for a good part of your paddling than a latest design. It’s good to see some of the classic making a come back, on weekends around the UK, on longer multi day trips across the globe and on late night ebay shopping the rise of older boats is plain to see.

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Middle Tule

A great edit of the Middle Tule from the guys at Prijon (USA). If you haven’t tried a Prijon whitewater kayak you are missing out.

Middle Tule

A tough class V run at high flows, the Middle Fork of the Tule is a very flow dependant run! Here at low flows it’s much friendlier.

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Ace Of Spades – First Look

This week a freshly wrapped Ace of Spades kayak from Spade Kayaks arrived from Austria via UK distributers System X.

Ace Of Spades - First Look

A big thanks to Kev at Northshore Watersports for handling the delivery.


There has been a few pieces of information about the Ace of Spades, including posts on this site, but there hasn’t been much in the way of detailed images. Hopefully this post will help to put this right.

The Ace of Spades is a blown moulded displacement hull kayak. It has the features that you would expect to see in any whitewater boat – adjustable outfitting, full plate footrest, multiple grab handles, drain bung etc… but many have been executed in a creative way.

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Prijon Cali – First Look

I’ve been a huge fan of Prijon boats for years and have owned a fair few including a T Canyon, Avenger, Delirious, Delirium and Release. The newest whitewater boat to the Prijon line up is the Cali.


Length: 8’10”
Width: 27″
Volume: 90 Gallons
Weight: 45lbs

Prijon Cali 2

The Prijon Cali is Prijon’s latest creek boat and is an update to the Pure XL. The images of the new Cali come direct from Prijon USA.

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Prijon Forte – First Look

Hot on the heals of the new Prijon Curve is the Forte. The Forte is a sporty river runner for light and medium weight paddlers.

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Kenny Mutton

I’m a big fan of Kenny Mutton’s kayak designs. For a number of years I paddled Prijon kayaks. Kenny is the man behind some of my favourites – the Delirious, Delirium and the Release. Kenny has a wealth of experience paddling, coaching, competing and designing kayaks. It’s fantastic that Kenny has kindly agreed to take part in the Unsponsored 2012 Q&A series.

Tell us a little a bit about you accomplishments in the kayaking world…

I used to be into freestyle paddling and way back in 1997 I placed 3rd at the Worlds. I also won the European Cup in 2000. Since 2005, freestyle in NZ has died away and now I’m into creek boats and extreme races. Sometimes I can still win the local NZ races and I’m keen to make it to some international races in the future. I’ve always been into designing kayaks. I designed a few freestyle boats for Prijon & Bliss-Stick, but in the last few years I’ve put a few freestyle ideas into creek boats/extreme racing boats. One of my latest designs has been the Bliss-stick Tuna, which in its first outing was paddled by Sam Sutton taking out first place at the Sickline World Champs. I have just finished shaping a smaller one, also for Bliss-Stick, which will be out before Christmas in New Zealand.

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