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Weils Disease – Leptospirosis

I’ve kept this quiet for the last 10 days as I didnt really want too many people to know. The post below was what I put on the 2 kayaking groups we go with, so it’s aimed at paddlers a little, but, it also lets everyone else know what has happened. I’m still rushing about everywhere, so may not have time to reply to any messages. Currently she is in Ward 35 of LRI, and doing well, in fact today she was far better than yesterday, so is improving each day.  She has her phone now, so when she has the energy, she may reply to some of the messages she has. 

I think it’s safe enough to tell the story now. It’s long, but please read it as it may save your life.

A few of you have met Rae Baker, anyone who goes to the Nene will have seen her multiple times.

On Monday 12th Nov. she said she was feeling like she was coming down with a cold. Tuesday was the same, aching, but no sniffles/sneezes. Wednesday she said her legs were really aching.She didnt go to work as she felt terrible. She thought this was due to a bike ride the previous Saturday.

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Epic Gift Guide – 2018

A great deal of outdoor equipment passes through the halls of Unsponsored HQ. Some great, some good and some not so good. We have put together a list of great gear for our Epic Gift Guide – 2018. 

Epic Gift Guide - 2018

We’ve broken them down by price to hopefully cover all bases.  All of the gear listed has been owned and tested by us.

Check it out!

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Beater Apparel

Beater Apparel

Beater Apparel is a newly launched company based in British Columbia specialising in off water gear.

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Tyne Tour 2018 – Part III

Last weekend I sat just above Rescue Rock river left  to capture some images from the Tyne Tour 2018. 

Tyne Tour 2018

This is Part III showing just some of the shots taken last week.

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When It All Goes Wrong – Update

As well as making sure I have all the necessary safety kit (PFD, helmet, throw line, whistle, pin kit) I like to have a range of kit with me that can be used in emergency situations. If a trip were to turn into an epic it is possible that someone may have been injured and/or we could be stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Therefore my kit centres around three key elements/purposes:

I like to carry a range of kit that will help keep me and/or my paddling buddies warm and offer a little shelter.

If someone gets injured I’d like to go someway to help patch him or her up.

I’d like to ensure that morale stays high.

I have to weigh all of these needs against what is practically possible and the weight I can actually carry in my boat or on my person. My PFD will only hold so much. Regardless this kit needs to be carried in my boat or on my person and needs to be kept dry. I am currently using an Exped Cloudburst dry sack for the bulk of the emergency kit that I carry. It has held up well over the years and has handled being pulled in and out of various boats hundreds/thousands of times. The Cloudburst is based around a traditional roll top dry bag but it has straps so that it can be used as a rucksack. It has a volume of 15 litres which means it is big enough to hold the essentials but will still fit in the back of my kayak.

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The Future Of Paddlesports And National Governing Bodies

The following comes from a post on Facebook from Claire O’Hara.

Although this post relates directly to Paddle Australia and Australian Canoeing many other national governing bodies may also only see the Olympic medal count.

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Arcteryx Beta LT – Review

I stumbled across the brand Arcteryx a few years ago before they really hit the UK. I was after a lightweight insulated jacket that wasn’t filled with down so ended up with the Atom LT. I was so impressed with the fit of the Atom LT that I have since managed to create quite a collection of Arcteryx kit. The one thing that was missing was a hardshell. I had been trying to make a decision between an Alpha LT and Alpha SV for months. It didn’t help not having a store locally that actually stocked Arcteryx.

Arcteryx Beta LT - Review

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La Leona Gorge First Descent

La Leona gorge first descent – Experience La Leona with this POV from Aniol Serrasolses. This was one of the remaining pieces of the puzzle, all the rio Claro sections can now be linked together.

La Leona Gorge First Descent

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2019 British Universities Kayaking Expedition

The Selection Process for the 2019 British Universities Kayaking Expedition is now open.

This first stage of the application process is a written application, in PDF format, consisting of no more than two sides of A4 telling us why you are an ideal member of the 2019 British Universities Kayaking Expedition Team.

2019 British Universities Kayaking Expedition

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North Shore Watersports – Sale

North Shore Watersports – Sale. Check it out.

Safety Managed, Adventure Unleashed – Yak Adventure Equipment launch new range at PADDLEexpo 2018

Join the Yak team at this year’s PADDLEexpo where they will be launching their brand-new range of performance apparel and safety essentials – including clothing and Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs).

Safety managed, adventure unleashed - Yak Adventure Equipment launch new range at PADDLEexpo 2018

When developing the 2019 range, our specialist design team were tasked with drawing on their huge amount of technical knowledge to produce a range of products that fitted the specific needs of each intended user. The result, a coherent collection that caters for everyone, from the first-time paddler, through to the whitewater guru, without being confusing and overly complicated. Add to that some killer price points that offer excellent value. What’s not to like?

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Gaybo Takes Ownership Of Wavesport

50TH Anniversary Splash Out – Kayak Manufacturer Gaybo Limited Celebrates Its Half-Centenary And Takes Ownership of kayak brand Wave Sport.

Wavesport News

British kayak manufacturer Gaybo Limited (Uckfield, East Sussex, UK), marks a mile stone 50th anniversary with the announcement of the successful purchase of kayak brand Wave Sport from Confluence Outdoors (Greenville, SC, USA).

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