This weekend has gone so quickly, I almost forgot about Movie Monday 11 April 2016. No fear, here it is. Loads of whitewater action from across the globe and a MTB edit because I can.


unsponsored_Aug15_Tees 165

Charles City Riversurfing

Charles City Riversurfing from Hannah Ray J on Vimeo.


#adventureNOW from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

Chile Enchantment

Chile Enchantment from H2o Dreams on Vimeo.

Fall Line’s Canoes Fail Footage 1

Fall Line's Canoes fail footage 1 from Fall Line Canoes on Vimeo.

Shane Pirouetting Tumblehome

Shane pirouetting Tumblehome from Fall Line Canoes on Vimeo.

About Time

About Time from SkiniKid Productions on Vimeo.

Corsica Extreme Kayak

Corsica Extreme Kayak from Banzaï Prod on Vimeo.