The HF Occoee is a slab design PFD with a simple no frills approach. The fit is extremely good with the soft foam molding to the bodies shape easily. It doesn’t feel bulky or restrictive in any way. Adjustment is made by four cinch straps (two under each arm).

The main body is made from ripstop nylon, its quite a heavy grade so will take a fair bit of abuse. The shoulder straps are neoprene which I really liked as it fit me well. Whether they would be any good after being used for a few rescues I wouldn’t like to say.

The whole interior of the PFD is constructed from some pretty tough looking mesh, which means the PFD dries out in very little time therefore prolonging its useable life.

Other than that there is very little else to say. It fits well, is well constructed, and is non-restrictive!