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Palm Equipment – Orbit Spray Skirt

It’s been some time since Palm Equipment had a rand based skirt in the range and it’s something that Palm followers have been crying out for. Not wanting to disappoint they have developed the new Palm Equipment Orbit Spray Skirt.

Palm Equipment - Orbit Spray Skirt

Super tough kevlar re-enforced around the key areas but super stretchy in the middle to help prevent implosion. It has many of the features of the the Palm Impact deck that we reviewed on Unsponsored a short while back including the tough external spotty taping and the O Ring on the waist tube.

Palm Equipment - Orbit Spray Skirt

The rand used has been developed specifically for creating a good seal against the cockpit. It was very difficult to get any image that actually did the rand justice.

Unsponsored-Palm-Orbit 082

Palm have updated their colour range and the Orbit sports a really nice blue. The new logo print is nice and bright and sticky to the touch.

A couple of other skirts are new to the whitewater range. More on them elsewhere on Unsponsored.

Palm Equipment - Orbit Spray Skirt


  1. Meg tannett

    I cant get this on my boat by myself and it sucks 🙁 it is totally essential to be able to do this yourself in all kinds of situations.
    It was a small machno. And size 5 ‘big deck’. I’m told it will stretch but I dont buy it. I can just barely get it on if I take it off and then pull as hard as I can… but putting a skirt on a boat and climbing in after is not a practical solution…. and I then can’t adjust anything.
    Pretty upset tbh. Any suggestions?

    • Unsponsored

      Rand decks tend to be harder to use. It helps if you stand on the rand and pull the deck up to stretch it a bit. When it’s warmer it’s easier. But your right. You may be sat in an eddy by yourself you may have issues getting it on. Nine times out of ten I use a bungee deck.

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