Last year Palm Equipment launched the new Snake Sling.

Palm Snake Sling - Review

The Palm Snake Sling is a 4m length of tape with sewn ends allowing the sling to be used in various different ways when you add a carabiner into the mix. What I really like is the fact that the sewn loops have been created in such a way that it is super easy to get a karabiner in/out of without high risk of snagging. I have a number of pieces of climbing kit with this setup and know that it works really well.

Palm have had the Snake Sling manufactured by a very well known UK based climbing firm. I have used loads of their gear and is my first choice for climbing protection kit.

The image shows the Snake Sling with a Petzl Vertigo Karabiner.

The tape used is similar to that used for yellow Palm Safety Tape except the Snake Sling is red with loops sewn in both ends and Safety Tape has only one sewn loop and is yellow. I’ve used the both the Safety Tape and Snake Sling on a couple of training sessions carrying out short distant reduce of swimmers, towing kayaks and using one as part of a pig rig/z-drag system. It has simply been superb. I know you could go out and buy a length of climbing tape and use that, in fact I have several but it is the Snake Sling and Safety Tape that have a home in my PFD.

unsponsored_palm Snake Sling (2)

Ideal for safety and rescue situations, the Palm Snake Sling can be used as a prusik, tow line, or anchor, with the ability to be joined at both ends using a karabiner. Combine this with a Palm Safety tape and you have a very versatile rescue system.

Although the images above show the Snake Sling with a Petzl carabiner attached my preferred piece of ironmongery is the DMM Boa.



25mm tubular nylon tape
184 g
10kN static breaking strength
4m length
Tubular tape with karabiner loops on both ends
High visibility colour