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Palm Zenith Pants – Review

The Palm Zenith pants are designed to be combined with any dry or semi dry top to create a flexible system for year round use. I’ve been using these with the Palm Fuse and Zenith range of jackets.

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Palm Zenith Pants – Review

Although a two piece combination will find it hard to be beat a drysuit I have used a number of two piece systems in the past that have been super dry. The big advantage is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms to create a system that is best matched for the conditions you are going out in.

Both the Fuse and this pair of Zenith pants are in Jet Grey, although the pants are also available in blue. I reckon the grey looks pretty smart.

Palm Zenith Pants - First Look
Palm Zenith Pants – Review

The RRP for the Palm Zenith pants is £115.95.


  • Materials XP 2.5-layer fabric Nylon 320D overlay reinforcement
  • Velcro adjustable neoprene waistband
  • Twin waist
  • Neoprene gaskets with velcro adjustable cuffs
  • Reinforced seat and knees
Palm Zenith Pants - First Look
Palm Zenith Pants – Review

The Zenith pants come equipped with a double waist to get a good seal with a twin waist cag. The inner waist is quite long which means that even when sat down or moving about the protection level is still great. There is very little chance that they will drop down and expose your lower back. I didn’t ver find a need for a pair of braces.

The outer waist is Velcro adjustable via two large tabs that sit at the front. There is fair bit of adjustability via the two Velcro tabs. The inner tunnel also includes a rubber strip which is sticky to the touch and will help to keep the inner tunnel in place. This really helps keep the tunnel in place as it grips your dry top.

Palm Zenith Pants - First Look
Palm Zenith Pants – Review

The seals at the ankle are taken care of via a long neoprene gasket. I’ve used these extensively on a Palm semi dry suit and they work great. There is also the possibility of getting the optional factory fitted XP 4-layer socks added. This is the same as the sock used in the full dry suits made by Palm. When wading very little water if any actually gets in through the ankle seals. vine when swimming my lower legs inside of the pants only got a little damp. But this was after a few hours of rescue training. I therefore wont worry about having a set of socks fitted.

Everything that needs to be tough is re-enforced with a heavier duty material and where required drainage holes are provided. The last thing you want is to be carrying water in between the layers of fabric.

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On the water the pants fit well. They have been shaped to work well when seated.

Palm Zenith Dry Top

Although there is a a lot of fabric around the waist when combined with a double sealed jacket there isn’t a great deal of bulk so once on the seal is good. They therefore offer a really flexible system for those not wanting to go down a full dry suit route.


  1. Berliner

    What’s the difference between these and the palm atom dry pants?

    • Unsponsored

      These have a neoprene gasket. The Atom dry pants have a dry sock attached.

      • berliner


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