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Clean PFD?

What are your thoughts on adding gear onto the outside of your PFD?

Clean PFD

Do you keep it clean?

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PeakUK Kidz Zip – First Look

The newest member to Team Unsponsored is at the age where she is ready to hit the water. With that in mind Unsponsored will be seeing a few more small person gear reviews over the next few months/years.

PeakUK Kidz Zip

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Palm FXr PFD – Review

The FX PFD from Palm Equipment has been around in one form or another for years and has been one of Palm’s top sellers throughout its lifetime. In 2013 Palm took the FX and totally overhauled its fit and the material used.


The new FX has been such a success that it seemed to make sense to move things up a gear and develop a rescue vest using the same platform. Palm have done exactly this and have released the FXr in early 2014.

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Palm FXr – A Closer Look

Palm Equipment hooked me up with one of their new FXr PFDs for test the other week.


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