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Zet Kayaks – Chili

Zet Kayaks have released details of there new river running play boat, The Zet Chili.

Zet Kayaks – Chili
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Made It Back – Great Falls

Made It Back

Great Falls has some of my earliest kayaking memories, but it had been WAY too long since I made it back. I decided to make the long rally up for the race, but also because levels were looking good and the joy kayaking was gonna be great. The levels worked out where I was able to get all the lines I hadn’t done in so many years, and then some more. It was actually an epic day, and I’m so stoked I made the rally.

Dane Jackson
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Jackson’s New Kayak – Antix 2.0

We’ve seen a few little bits and bobs on the new Jackson Kayak over the last week or so. Well here it is.

Jackson’s New Kayak

The Antix 2.0 is the name given to this new kayak.

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That Liquidlogic Kayak Again

It’s that Liquidlogic kayak again. Ryan Mcavoy has one of those slicey Liquidlogic prototypes and has posted a number of videos on-line. From other posts we know that this yet un-named kayak (Update: looks like the kayak is going to be called the Homeslice) is going into production. I would like this one to be my next playboat.

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Pyranha Ripper – Promo Video

Change the way you look at the river; no matter if you’re in to chilled laps down your local run, or getting recklessly vertical on some class 5, the Ripper is the boat for you!

Pyranha Ripper - Promo Video

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Pyranha Ripper – In Action

If you have followed the site for some time you’ll know that I love to take photos. I also love to see top quality photos. These photos from Eagle Nest Photography of the Pyranha Ripper in action are superb.

Pyranha Ripper - In Action

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Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper Vs Soul Gonzo

Fancy a slicey river running play machine? Her is quick run down of the specifications of a number of the slicey kayaks out there. Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper Vs Soul Gonzo Vs …..

Liquidlogic Party Braap

Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper

Length 271.8cm
Width 62.2cm
Weight 20kg
Volume 253.6l
Paddler Weight 45 – 100kg

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Pyranha Kayaks Ripper

Ben Fitzhugh paddles the new Pyranha Kayaks Ripper.

Pyranha Kayaks Ripper

Check out my first time in the brand new Pyranha Kayaks Ripper! This boat is awesome! Super fast and soooo much fun to play around in!!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to try it out at SCA Freestyle last night! THIS BOAT IS SICK!!

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Jackson Kayak – MixMaster Concept

Slicey boats are making a come back, which we think is great news. Check out more detail on the Jackson Kayak MixMaster.


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Pyranha Kayaks Ripper

Have you ever thought about squashing the tail of a 9R? No, well that was the inspiration behind the Pyranha Kayaks Ripper.

Pyranha Kayaks Ripper

Check out this walk through.

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Liquidlogic Kayaks – Party Braaap

I had to check my calendar to make sure it was actually June when I stumbled upon this.

It’s all going to be about playing the river this year.

Liquidlogic Kayaks - Party Braaap

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