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Made It Back – Great Falls

Made It Back

Great Falls has some of my earliest kayaking memories, but it had been WAY too long since I made it back. I decided to make the long rally up for the race, but also because levels were looking good and the joy kayaking was gonna be great. The levels worked out where I was able to get all the lines I hadn’t done in so many years, and then some more. It was actually an epic day, and I’m so stoked I made the rally.

Dane Jackson

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  1. Moulton Avery

    Wow. I really enjoyed watching this video. The approach to the Falls is an unforgiving one that’s way above my grade and gives me the shivers just watching it from shore. And here you go, way cool, making it look like a cakewalk. Much respect. Didn’t look like you got much sleep either. Whew! You mates rock. Thanks for giving an old salty dog like me a video ride!

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