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Made It Back – Great Falls

Made It Back

Great Falls has some of my earliest kayaking memories, but it had been WAY too long since I made it back. I decided to make the long rally up for the race, but also because levels were looking good and the joy kayaking was gonna be great. The levels worked out where I was able to get all the lines I hadn’t done in so many years, and then some more. It was actually an epic day, and I’m so stoked I made the rally.

Dane Jackson
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Great Falls Of The Potomac

Great Falls of the Potomac

Isaac Hull’s first run down the VA side of Great Falls. Nicely done.

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Runaway – South East Trip 2015

Runaway - South East Trip 2015

After a really long and cold winter up here in Quebec, we were pretty excited to hit the road, head south and finally escape from this endless winter blues. We got pretty lucky with the water levels and managed to hit some local classics in North Carolina and West Virginia. Huge thanks to all the people who helped us Quebexicans hitting the right creeks and the rights lines on the water as well. We met some incredible paddlers along the way.

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Levels: Great Falls 3.3ft

Great Falls looks a superb stretch of water. Ian Van Wingert leads us down stream.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 14.09.02

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