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Dewerstone Life Shorts – Review

I had stumbled upon a post about Dewerstone’s campaign to raise funds to get the Dewerstone Life Shorts into production via Kickstarter. I had heard/seen a fair bit about Kickstarter but this was the first time that I was motivated to invest.

Dewerstone Life Shorts

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Astral Brewer 2.0 – First Look

Here we have the new Astral Brewer 2.0 in Basalt Black. These are the next step in the evolution of the Astral Brewer. Although the two versions I have look very similar in many respects the 2.0 has taken on a more rounded and developed look. It definitely looks more like a “normal” shoe than the original Astral Brewer.

Astral Brewer 2.0 - First Look

This shoe comes equipped with Astral’s proprietary super-sticky G Rubber outsole. My original pair came equipped with Five Ten’s stealth sole, however later iterations were also supplied with the super-sticky G Rubber.

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GoPro Comparison – 2018 to 2013

We haven’t updated our GoPro comparison chart for some time due to the original spreadsheet being lost somewhere within the Unsponsored archives. So last night I typed the 2015 chart back into excel and have added details for the Hero (2018), Hero6, Hero5, and Hero5 Session.

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Watershed Futa Kayak Dry Bag – Review

I have been wanting to get hold of a new dry bag to carry gear in the back of my kayak for a forthcoming trip this summer. I have used loads of bags in the past but have always had to double bag gear as the roll top systems deployed on must bags will fail at some point . Usually in my case this has been due to user error!

Watershed Futa Kayak Dry Bag - Review

So I needed a bag that would be easy to store, would seal well and fit the back of my kayak really well.

First up is the Watershed Futa Stowfloat, kayak dry bag. This is a drybag/airbag combo designed to store gear and provide flotation in the back of a kayak.

Now all of the Watershed gear that I have ordered in is black. That is a personal preference. The Watershed Futa Stowfloat is available in Black, Blue, Coyote (Brown) and Orange.

You are looking at around £100 (Sterling) for this single bag. So what do you get?

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WRSI Current Pro Helmet – First Look

Way back in 2006 WRSI was a new company and we had one of the first Current helmets off the production line. At that time Unsponsored was looking at importing the WRSI Current into Europe but it was not going to be viable at the time. We used the WRSI Current for a couple of years on and off before moving to another brand.

WRSI Current Pro Helmet - First Look

Move forward 12 years and we have the WRSI Current Pro helmet in for review.

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100% Biased Review Of The Pyranha Ripper

Bren Orton gives us his thoughts on the new Pyranha Ripper.

100% Biased Review Of The Pyranha Ripper

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Pyranha 9R Vs The Machno

Team Pyranha kayaker Mark Mulrain takes a closer look at the 9R and Machno from Pyranha.

So the latest and greatest Pyranha Kayak has been released and been around for a while now, The Machno. This boat is Pyranha’s take on the latest generation of creekers. It’s faster, has a bit more edge and a more developed rocker profile than the big, round, safe-but-boring creekers of old. I think you’d see the same kind of trends in most of today’s designs.

Pyranha 9R Vs The Machno

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Exo T-Rex – Review

The T-rex is the new creek boat from Italian boat manufacturer Exo kayaks. My first impression of the was that it is pretty big and has a lot of rocker. Definitely a little larger volume wise than the last two boats I owned (Toro and a Tuna). It is also a little rounder than a lot of modern designs, not fully a displacement hull but without any extremely sharp edges.

Exo T-Rex

Numbers wise it is 270cm long and 345 litres so a little shorter than a 9r or Toro with a little more volume than both. Weight wise it is surprisingly light for such a big boat coming in at pretty much bang on 21kgs. Myself I am 188cm and around 75kgs. Defiantly towards the lower end of the weight limit but didn’t feel swamped at all.

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GoPro Hero6 Black – First Look

Here we have a GoPro Hero6 Black – First Look. The GoPro Hero6 Black has been released to the public and we have one at Unsponsored HQ for review.

Does it look familiar?

GoPro Hero6 Black - First Look

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Palm Equipment Bolt Throwline – First Look

We have the new Palm Equipment Bolt throwline in for review at Unsponsored HQ. The Bolt is the big brother to the Lightning throwline released last year and replaces the Palm Alpine throwline.

Palm Equipment Bolt Throwline - First Look

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Pyranha Machno (Small) – Review

Brian Vermillion recently got his hands on the new Pyranha Machno (small) and took it down the Cheoah.

Cheoah release was last Saturday, and I was lucky enough to get a full lap in while testing out the Pyranha Machno. I chose to use the Machno small, which ended up being the perfect size for me. At 5’5” and 150lbs the small Machno at 73 gallons was perfect for this gem of a run.

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Pyranha Machno Small – Review

I was lucky enough to get hold of a medium Machno for a demo not long after it came out. I was hopeful that maybe I could get away with a medium as it looked awesome and I really wanted to paddle one. I paddled it and enjoyed it, it was fun but I knew (although I tried to ignore the fact) that it was too big for me, (I’m 5’5″ and 58kg). So the waiting for the small to be ready began.

Pyranha Machno Small - Review

I had planned a demo day through work and was hopeful that a small Machno would be ready to make an appearance for this and it did not disappoint!

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