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Festive Gift Guide 2019

A great deal of outdoor equipment passes through the halls of Unsponsored HQ. Some great, some good and some not so good. As we get closer to the 25th of December it has now become a little bit of tradition (and to save me answering loads of “What should I get ….. for Christmas, they have just got into kayaking/canoeing/SUP?” type questions via email) to put together a list of gear for our Festive Gift Guide that paddlers and general outdoors type folk might appreciate as presents at Christmas time.

Festive Gift Guide 2019

So here it is.

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2020 Sweet Protection Colours

From our friends at North East Kayaks and Paddles.

What do you think?

Merino Base Layers For Paddling

Since buying a couple of merino tops a few years back I am completely sold on the stuff. For years I had been using Helly Hanson Lifa or Sub Zero Factor 1 thermals. All of which developed that characteristic kayaking odor.

Up until very recently my thermal base layer of choice was the Howies merino surf thermal. The merino is thin, the arms are nice and long and also include thumb loops. These are superb when your putting on your drycag or dry suit as they help prevent the sleeves rolling up. The neck is a turle neck so you get a bit of protection from latex dry cag seals. Unfortunately they stop production of these quite a few years ago and I needed to make a change simply due to wear and tear.

Merino Base Layers For Paddling

Now not all Merino is made equal. There are different weights and depending on the quality of the wool and what it is mixed makes for some good and some bad merino gear.

As merino gear has become more wide spread and popular I think the overall quality has gone down. Some of the initial big players don’t seem to producing gear that lasts as long as I think it should.

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Born to Play

Sweet protection have released there new promotion video showing the new logo and range of products. Check it out.

Humans are born to play. And we have one, simple goal;

To protect people, so that they can keep playing their entire life.

Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts – First Look

We have a pair of the new Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts in for review at Unsponsored.

Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts - First Look

The Shazam Shorts are Sweet’s take on the classic board short but tailored specifically for the paddlesport market.

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Sweet Protection 2018 – Full Face Rocker

If the Rocker isn’t giving you the protection you need may be the full face version is the one for you. This limited edition version is available in a metallic white and metallic red combination.

Sweet Protection 2018 - Full Face Rocker

The only true difference is the addition of the jaw guard. Materials and construction of the helmet is the same as the Rocker.

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Sweet Stutter LE

This thing just looks great, the limited edition Sweet Stutter. Celebrating 20 years!

Sweet Stutter LE

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Sweet Protection Sabrosa Dry Top – First Look

The Sweet Protection Sabrosa Dry Top has landed here at Unsponsored HQ. This may well be an exclusive, it’s not even on the Sweet Protection website yet. It would be fair to say that I have been waiting sometime for Sweet to put a short sleeved paddle top into production and it’s finally here.

Sweet Protection Sabrosa Dry Top - First Look

I think that originally the Sabrosa was not designed to be a full on dry top and was billed as a spray top. However on arrival at Unsponsored HQ it is clear the the Sabrosa is a full on short sleeve dry top. It even states it on the swing tag.

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Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top – First Look

The new Sweet Protection Sabrosa spray top is something that I have been waiting for from Sweet for some time. In most of my Sweet dry top reviews I have mentioned that a short sleeve version would be a great idea and it seems Sweet have listened.

Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top - First Look

The cut and construction of their long sleeve tops and drysuits is superb so I am glad to see a short sleeve version coming to market.

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Get Out There

This says it all. Enjoy.

Get Out There

It’s not just about the whitewater. Kayaking takes you to some incredible places with some amazing people.
Big THANKS to all my friends.

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