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Wavesport Mobius Review

No I’m not a great freestyle paddler, I’d never be sponsored or make it on to any team. However I love paddling play boats and can throw the odd end on both the flat and in the rough stuff when the fancy takes me.

For the last few years I have been paddling the Wavesport Project X. It’s a great boat and I have loved owning and paddling one. However I had begun to get itchy feet and very almost switch to Dagger after a demo in the Jitsu. I managed to hold off, thanks to a poor bank balance but have over the last couple of months been paddling the Wavesport Mobius after saving up some pennies.


Fixtures & Fittings:

Core Whiteout Outfitting, high buff polish and matte texture finish
Greater stiffness and less weight than Project X
Wide stern and raised water line is forgiving on waves and prevents pearling in a back surf
Compact bow and sculpted knee bumps for fast initiation of tricks and greater predictability for budding freestylers
Quick release stern edge and continuous hull rocker for looseness and speed on waves
Two inches shorter yet more volume than Project X for huge loops and quick rotation

In all honesty I was expecting the Mobius would be another design that was essentially very similar to everything else. Something like a Waveliquid Jitsu if you like. However I have found that it is not just the looks that are quite different.


Now the way in which both Wavesport and Dagger have tackled outfitting is superb. I love being able to raise the front edge of the seat and the amount of adjustability in both the backrest and thigh braces is simply superb. I have never been in any boat that I was able to unwrap and be comfortable in such a short period of time. The tweaks in the new Wavesport Outfitting simply knocks the socks of the older version and that is still pretty good. The likes of Liquid Logic and Jackson need to come up with something really special to beat this.


I was expecting that the hype around the Mobius being a high performing yet forgiving play boat to be exactly that, hype. But I have found that the design lives up to Wavesports’ claims. Some how they have incorporated quite hard edges and steep sides in such a way that the edges don’t catch or trip yet the Mobius can still carve and fly across a wave. I’m not a boat designer, physicist or mathematician so can’t say why it all works, all I can say that it definitely does.

There is sheds load of volume around the cockpit area and around where my feet sit. I therefore find it to be super comfortable even after a few hours on the water. The back deck also has plenty of volume. I have used 15L airbags x 2 to fill that area. What did really surprise me was the weight of the Mobius. I was expecting a boat that weighs a ton due to the new outfitting. However this is not the case, the boat is super light and comparable to the lightest I have tried, yet at the same time seems really stiff.


I have found that I was able to do all the moves that I was able to do in the Project X but everything did feel that little bit easier and a little bit more controlled. At no pioint did I think I was being overwhelmed by the design of the Mobius and neither was I disappointed in its performance. I reckon the only thing holding it back was me, and given time I will be able to improve my paddling and keep progressing using the Mobius.


Steve H.


  1. What size did you choose? I seem to fall in the nexus between the medium and large in terms of weight range and would be interested in whether you went big or small?

  2. How have you found it for flatwater tricks?

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