How do the new breed of river running slicey boats compare to one another? We compare the Zet Chili, Titan Nymph, Dagger Rewind (medium) and Jackson Antix 2.0.

A number of these kayaks are available in different sizes but we have selected the data for the sizes that are closely matched to the kayaks that are produced in one size only.

Zet Kayaks – Chili

Zet Kayaks - Chili
Zet Kayaks – Chili

Length: 273 cm
Width: 63 cm
Volume: 233 l
Paddler weight: 60-90kg

UK Cost: Based upon other models estimated to be around £900 when available.

Dagger Kayaks – Rewind (Medium)

Dagger Kayaks – Rewind

Length: 266.7 cm
Width: 64.8 cm
Volume: 249 l
Paddler weight: 63.5 – 99.8kg

UK Cost: £1200

Titan Kayaks – Nymph

Titan Kayaks – Nymph

Length: 274 cm
Width: 66 cm
Volume: 250 l
Paddler weight: ?

Jackson – Antix 2.0 (Medium)

Jackson – Antix 2.0

Length: 244 cm
Width: 67 cm
Volume: 250 l
Paddler weight: 59 – 86kg

Uk Cost: £1400