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Two Little Slovenian Gems

Two Little Slovenian Gems

The whitewater enthusiasts who know Slovenia, probably only know it for the Soca river. But when the snow melts, or the rain pours Slovenia is the place to be. We have so many little rideable creeks that run with just a little rain. In a 80 km radius, you’ll run out of strength before you run out of river names.

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Demshitz Fix My Shoulder

It’s a good job that Demshitz fix my shoulder!

Demshitz fix my shoulder!

Video of an afternoon run on the Wap which involved a crash at “Anarchy” resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a quick riverside reset! Demshitz to the rescue!

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How To Climb Back On A Sit On Top Kayak

This has got to be a must watch for all sit on top kayak users.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 22.22.26

Steve Whetman from Whetman Equipment demonstrates the foolproof method for getting back on your sit on top (SOT) kayak in deep water.

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Soul Waterman Outfitting – First Look

We’ve been following the development of the whitewater line of Soul Waterman kayaks since Corran Addison first announced them.

The new boats are almost ready for full production. As we are getting close to the release we are starting to see examples of what the actual outfitting will be like. Corran has taken some recent images of the new Soul Waterman outfitting and we are pretty impressed at Unsponsored HQ.

Soul Waterman Outfitting - First Look

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Nightlines Photography

Nightlines photography – Geoff Otto shows us how using EL-wire (electro luminescent wire) and a creative side can be used to capture a different type of ww scene.


I have been playing around with el-wire now for approx 12 month, its a fantastic product and not too expensive. A 5 metre length is £5+ to the door from online suppliers or from eBay which I where I got hold of it. It’s a little temperamental when first trying it out, but it becomes easier once you’ve set a few lines up. To get the shots, we’ve been timing the evening so we just catch light fading into dark to get the best exposure in the shots. These test shots are something for a bigger project I have in mind in the future with Teesside Uni film crew.

Nightlines Photography

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Movie Monday 25 January 2016

More movie madness for Movie Monday 25 January 2016. A great mix of movies old and new can be found right here to ease you into your first hours of work this Monday morning. Is it still January? Enjoy!

Movie Monday 25 January 2016

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Unsponsored Q&A – Jared Seiler

Jared Seiler is a professional kayaker based out of the USA. If you been watching kayaking videos over the last few years you will have seen Jared in action many many times. I for one always look forward to the next edit release.

As one of the brains behind Demshitz, Jared has pretty high profile within the kayaking world. He also has a very busy schedule. To find out that Jared was prepared to take a little bit of time out to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series made my day.

Jared Seiler

When and how did you first start paddling?

My dad got my brother and me into kayaking when we were 12 and 11 years old back in ’97 with the Philadelphia canoe club’s Novice training program. We learned at winter pool sessions and were running the lehigh and lower yough by the end of that summer. We spent many days on the lower yough. A year and half later we were on the upper yough, which is where we really honed our skills.

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Creek Airtime

Chris Baer’s Nevado edit captures some great action.

Aeon Russo, Mark Taylor, and Chris Baer make their way down the quintessential Chilean steep creek Nevado.

Creek Airtime

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Kayak Seat By Move Technologies

A great collaboration between composite kings Galasport and Move Technologies.

Kayak Seat By Move TechnologiesrMarek+kajak0013-1

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Unsponsored Newsletter

We have some big plans for Unsponsored in 2016.

This first of these is the launch of a new Unsponsored newsletter. This will take the form of an email and will contain some great paddlesport related content including news, views, videos and reviews.

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You can subscribe to the newsletter right now using the form below. We won’t be using your contact details for anything else or sharing them with anyone outside of Unsponsored HQ.

As a promotion for the launch we have started putting another goodie box together. Sign up to the new Unsponsored newsletter for your chance to win an Unsponsored goodie box (worth at least £50). A name will be selected at random on Sunday 31st January at 8pm (GMT).

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Free Unsponsored Stickers

The first batch of new Unsponsored stickers have arrived.

Free Unsponsored Stickers

If you would like some (for FREE) simply sign up to the new newsletter using the form below.

Demand has been so high over 2000 stickers have now gone. We’ll be getting more made. In the meantime you can still sign up for our newsletter.

Dirty First Aid Series – Part I

We all love to kayak, sure. It has some things we love and some we hate. First Aid often becomes the elephant in the room.

When was the last time you or your peers did a course or a workshop? Do you keep ‘up to speed’ on developments?

In this series I am pleased to offer a ‘dirty’ First Aid approach. This is suited to kayakers and river users. Using a ‘find it fix it’ approach to incident care and management.

Dirty First Aid - The Series

This first article will lay the foundations of rapid emergency aid. It’s a simple approach that a basic personal First Aid kit and things carried on you can deal with. Now is not the time to discuss what you should or should not carry in your kit. Read the series and make your own mind up.

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