Back in 2019 Eric Jackson left Jackson Kayaks to focus on a new line of fishing/recreational kayaks under the Apex branding. Now well established Apex is now looking at the whitewater market.

Apex Whitewater Kayaks – Apex Ringer

The Apex Ringer is already in the pipeline at 9 foot long and under 23lbs this composite kayak looks like it will be a lot of fun. However, as the Ringer is ultimately being designed to win races it will eventually be constructed in plastic.

Here is what EJ has to say about Apex:

What whitewater kayaks will we make? Composite, plastic? Like all beginnings, we will start at step 1. I have really wanted to have lightweight carbon fiber whitewater kayaks in all of my designs over the years. Plastic has it place and so does composites. Pyranha, Dagger, Liquid Logic, Waka, Jackson Kayak, Spades,Soul, Zet, etc. etc. all make plastic boats. Apex will get started with carbon fiber boats. The Ringer will be first available in carbon. Imagine a 23 pound 9′ long, speedy, bow dry, epic surfing/squirting 1/2 slice! SO FUN! Yes, it must be in plastic to race in Extreme Slalom at ICF events. It will be in plastic. Exactly what month- not sure yet. However, the process is underway.

Design #2 is underway- Freestyle/Playboat- Ohh baby… yes, I am excited. The design is not completed, but we are not terribly far off. Look for a sneak peak later this month, or maybe next. In the ideal world, I would have a prototype for USA Team Trials in March at OKC. However, that is a very challenging timeline that would require everything go just perfectly.

Design #3? Creekboat/River Runner- I’ll be collecting information from paddlers. Nirvana, Scorch, Billy Goat, and more…. What do you like, what direction should I take this type of kayak in? It will take a stand and it will offer something new, but the goals are always the same- safe, fun, easy to paddle, and “takes care of you”. It will be a couple of months before I start designing it with Mark. Send input to me if interested:

Eric Jackson
Apex Whitewater Kayaks

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