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Eskimo Topo Duo

The Eskimo Topo Duo is a two person version of the Topo (aka Spud). For a long time the Topo Duo was the only two person (plastic) white water kayak on the market. Chunky design, slow speed, basic outfitting – how it is so good?

Eskimo Topo Duo topo 1

The Topo Duo was developed from the one person Topo kayak. A short revolutionary kayak that helped push the boundaries of what was being paddled. A couple of versions of the Duo are available on the second hand market. The earliest versions have a solid colour (usually blue or red) with black cockpits, and seats. Later models are two tone affairs – blue/orange, red/orange or black/orange. In all cases they are hard to get hold of. I managed to pick up a bargain after looking one for years and years.

unsponsored_topo 2

The Duo is a great club boat as you can take beginners out with a more experienced paddlers. The learning curve of picking up the required ww skills can often be compressed as a result. It is possible to roll a Duo solo even if there are two people still in the boat. Where it gets difficult is if one person bails from the boat. To help prevent too much water getting in I have created a foam bulkhead just in front of the rear full plate footrest. This helps protect the rear part of the Duo filling with water and also keeps the delicate airbags from being punctured/pinched by the metal work of the footrest.

All of Prijon’s and Eskimo’s range of kayaks are made from super tough HTP blow moulded plastic. I have never seen one that has worn out!

unsponsored_topo 3

Put two talented/competent paddlers in a Duo and you have a very dynamic ww machine that is capable of running some of the toughest white water in the world.



  1. Chris

    love the way that all the pictures are from NSR, it’s the best place to see the duo in action i guess. Amazing boat for many uses.

  2. Eric

    I have a used 1st edition yellow topo duo in great shape for sale. Portland,Or

    • Todd Lands

      Really? I just sold a single Topolino, how much are you asking for your duo?

    • Alice

      Is your offer still actually?

    • Eric

      Sold very quick . If you find another one jump. Good luck

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