For a number of years I have managed perfectly without the need of a tripod for my camera work. I say managed as I never really had seen a need for a tripod when my arms work just fine. However after trying a number of tripods and settling on the Giottos Vitruvian I can now appreciate that a tripod has a home within my kayaking camera kit.

Giottos Vitruvian Review

I wanted a system that was light, could handle getting wet and would be a sound investment. After much reading I settled on the Giottos Vitruvian carbon tripod with the MH5400 head and MH652 quick release plate.

Giottos Vitruvian

Sitting in the middle of the range is the VGRN8255 with a maximum operating height of 165cm and weight capacity of up to 6kg. Which for such a small thing is pretty impressive.

This tripod weighs just 1.38 kg and features a built in monopod and splittable centre column. One of the legs unscrews and attaches to the centre column to create a very usable monopod. I haven’t used this feature a great deal but when I have it has worked extremely well.

Giottos Vitruvian

The MH5400-652 head has an on/off control and pan lock, a quick release plate and spirit levels all of which makes it super easy to adjust. You do need to be cautious when you have a heavy camera/lens combination fitted. Always keep a grip of the kit as you take off the lock!

The tripod comes supplied with a tough zip closed bag (which I have never used) and a spanner/allen key set to help keep it functioning as it should. All button up in its most compact form the tripod is approximately 45cm long and 12cm wide. So it is super compact. It fits nicely into the bottle/throwbag holder in most kayaks including the Wavesport Recon.