For the past 15 years I have been exclusively using playboater spraydecks. However as I was buying a new Immersion Research (IR) Double D Drysuit I thought I’d take the opportunity of ordering an IR deck for my LL Stomper at the same time.

The model I chose was the Immersion Research Special K spray deck. This is IRs top of the line rand deck. The deck is a rand deck which means that rather than using thick bungee cord to seal the deck onto the boat the deck has a strip of rubber. In this case the rand has a couple of ridges/fins that help improve the seal. The first couple of times I used it I did need assistance with putting it on. A bit of time on the boat helped sort that out – I expect to do this with all well fitting decks.

The deck has a very high quality feel, with a nice thickness of neoprene and quality construction. Comparing this deck to a couple of others the guys have (probably 5 years old plus), the deck has a much more bombproof feel feel.

The waist sizing is pretty bang on and provides a good seal. IR haven’t skimped on tube length.

The deck has now been on a couple of different boats and has survived a few portages and long walkouts over the last few months. The deck still looks and feels brand new. I have been so impressed I have ordered a Klingon Empire deck for my play boat.

If you want to get IR kit and you are in the UK or Europe (I know the UK is in Europe, but you know what I mean) check out