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Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel – First Paddle

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours today paddling the new Liquidlogic Squirrel 95. Over the years I have owned a number of Liquidlogic boats including – Vision, Ronin, Biscuit, and Stomper, so was very interested to give this new #automaticforthepeople boat a try.


The boat was borrowed from Northshore Watersports based at the Tees Whitewater course which is located around 10 minutes from home. Always a good place to try out new kit as conditions remain pretty much the same (other than when major block changes have been made!).

unsponsored_squirrel (1)

These thoughts are of course very initial.

The Squirrel was super easy to set up. The seat was left as was with only the hip pads added to the BADASS system. The thigh braces were also left as was and the full plate footrest system was quickly adjust. A set of Palm Infinity air bags were added to both the bow and stern as you never know what might happen. 95 gallons of water is pretty heavy.

unsponsored_squirrel (11)

On getting in the boat I noticed that the BADASS covering for the hip pads didn’t move. This was something that you needed to be careful of when using previous versions. I did find that the backrest sat quite low on my back. So adjustment may be necessary in the future get it just a little higher before I set off paddling.

unsponsored_squirrel (9)

On the bow of the boat I added a GoPro flat mount just in front of the first grab handle. The deck at this point is virtually flat so an ideal/easy place to install the sticky mount.


Now for a 95 gallon boat the Squirrel doesn’t seem to feel that big and as expected behaves very much like the Remix.

unsponsored_squirrel (1)

That isn’t surprising as the Remix was the basis of the Squirrel. The addition of extra volume in the stern is very welcome and makes the Squirrel very forgiving. Even whilst sticking in some dodgy edging the Squirrel was determined to stay the right way up.

unsponsored_squirrel (6)

unsponsored_squirrel (4)

The Squirrel rides high over waves and punches well through stoppers Sticking it just left of centre in Acid Drop wasn’t an issue. As seen below.

unsponsored_squirrel (7)

So no nasty surprises at all. I’m looking forward to the Unsponsored Squirrel landing soon.


  1. Andrew

    Hi — can you compare the size of the squirrel 95 to the size of the karma large? I’m looking for something bigger than a karma medium and smaller than a large. I suppose akin to the size of the large recon. Thanks!

    • Unsponsored

      I think the Squirrel may fit the bill. It doesn’t feel anyway as big as the large karma and it doesn’t sit as high in the water with my weight (approx 210lbs). A large recon is what I currently have and is definitely comparable is size.

      • Andrew

        Thanks for the quick reply, sounds great!

  2. Keith

    How does the Squirrel compare to the Recon? Is the Recon still your go to boat?

    • Unsponsored

      Recon now sold, time for a change. Outfitting still way better.

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