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Must have GoPro Accessories

I’ve been looking at the range of GoPro accessories I currently have to assess whether or not I would buy them again. Here is a very quick run down of the “Keepers” and the “Binned”. There has been fair bit of trial and error over the last few years but I think that I have narrowed things down to kit that works and is actually worth getting.

GoPro accessories

Most accessories will work with the entire GoPro range.


GoPro Dual Charger – Hero 3/3+. A Hero 4 version is also available. Charge two batteries at once with this neat little bit of kit from GoPro. Super useful when creating the next big “edit”.

GoPro battery bacpac. A great bit of kit that allows you to run the camera for longer. It adds a little weight to the system but not a great deal. This is one bit of kit that I am finding that I use more and more.

Mount Star QR Mount

GoPro accessories

GoPro accessories

MYOG custom grip. Super easy to make if you have the kit hanging around. Mine has lasted a couple of years before breaking when someone backed the car over it. Thankfully a camera wasn’t attached. GoPole have the hand grenade grip and GoPro themselves have brought out their own version – The Handler. The Handler is GoPro’s new handheld mount. It floats, it’s light weight and great to use.The Handler will also float with a GoPro (and LCD Bacpac or Battery Bacpac attached).

GoPro accessories

LCD Touch Screen – if you have some spare cash the LCD touch screen is a good accessory to have. Great for setting up tripod shots or reviewing recorded footage.

GoPro Floating Back Door – a nice little bit of kit that gives a little extra piece of mind when using your GoPro near, on or in the water. If you use this on the new GoPro Hero 4 silver it will block the LCD screen.

GoPro accessories

DIY Leash system – I never use a GoPro without a leash, even when on my bike. I use 2mm – 3mm dyneema cord and a small s-biner.

Wifi Remote – a great way to control one or multiple cameras, works with the Hero 3 and 3 Plus (3+). A newer smart remote has also just been released which improves upon the abilities of the original model. Waterproof but needs to be charged via USB.

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts – great when using the GoPro in or on the water or where temperature fluctuations occur. The GoPro ones are still the most effective.

Gorillapod – combine a Gorillapod with a Mount Star mount and you get a really versatile setup. Joby have recently released a range of Action products designed to be used with a range of cameras including the GoPro. I have one of the new tripods in and it is a really nice bit of kit. A little more bulky than the original but super stable.

A GoPro chest harness is not something I rushed out to buy. In fact I had a camera for a couple of years before getting one. It has been a great decision to finally get one. It offers a few other possibilities for mount the camera and getting different shots.

A range of caps for the lens of the GoPro are also available. If you throw your camera into your bag full of other kit then this a must. Getting a dirty big scratch across the front of the lens or cover will ruin your chances of getting some good shots.

The new GoPro frame mount (inc lens protector) is great if using the camera off the water and you want to maximise the effectiveness of the built in microphone. This newer version allows the camera and bacpacs to to installed and removed from the mount without having to break it apart from the QR mount.

A few really good SD cards are a must – see my thoughts on suitable cards here.

GoPro’s own battery for the Hero 4 editions actually seems to be the best so far.

Wasabi Battery – Hero 1 and 2

Wasabi Battery – Hero 3 and Hero 3+ (3 Plus)

Duragadget Battery for the 3 and 3+

Suction cup mount – this mount, although not essential allows you to mount your GoPro in places that you wouldn’t really want to use an adhesive mount.

GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts – a few spares are always useful.

GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Mount – the OEM GoPro mount can be found for around £20. I use one for attaching my GoPro to more than just handlebars.

Peli SD Card case. Not strictly for just GoPro use, but a super useful bit of kit for keeping SD cards (inc Micro SD Cards) organised and safe.


These GoPro accessories have mostly been purchased via an online auction site. They were cheap but simply didn’t work as well as they should have.

I bought some cheap anti-fog strips from an eBay seller in the UK. They simply didn’t work as well as GoPro’s own.

Aluminium Tripod adapter from Hong Kong. It works, but to utilise it fully you need to swap out the GoPro QR mount. You also need a small spanner to hold the nut in place while you do it up nice and tight.

Aluminium QR mount from the US of A for use with straps. Nice idea but didn’t actually fit the QR correctly. Tolerances not good enough. The Mount Star is a far superior bit of kit that actually works. I have also notice a number of Chinese copies of the Mount Star have begun to appear online.

Aluminium QR from the US for use with a tripod. Another great idea but doesn’t fit the GoPro system.

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