Half way through May. The sun is out and there is still water around, life is good. Movie Monday 16 May 2016 has a whole host of paddling action from across the globe.

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Top Yough Race 2016

Top Yough Race 2016 from All Things Brown TV on Vimeo.

Tron chique 2016

Tron chique 2016 from Wout Dekoninck on Vimeo.

‘Get The Crew Out’ – White Salmon

'Get The Crew Out' – White Salmon from SB Productions on Vimeo.

USA Trip 2016

USA Trip 2016 from Daniel Egger on Vimeo.

Road to Rio

Road to Rio from Laurence Griffiths on Vimeo.

The Kayak State: Into The Gorge

The Kayak State: Into The Gorge from Ben Ghertner on Vimeo.

10,000 cfs in Tumwater Canyon

10,000 cfs in Tumwater Canyon from daniel patrinellis on Vimeo.

The Last Few Days …

The Last Few Days … from Sea to Sky Whitewater on Vimeo.

Postcard from the Rovana

Postcard from the Rovana from Peter Wood on Vimeo.


Toxaway from For the Love of It on Vimeo.


EcuaDoo0R from Jalostajat on Vimeo.

Tumwater, She Goes!

Tumwater, She Goes! from Alicia Lycan on Vimeo.

Steezy Summer Sessions

Steezy Summer Sessions from Dawson Reynier on Vimeo.