My Eskimo Topo is the original and best mark 1 version built by Prijon for Eskimo. As everyone knows topos are the best ever boat if you particularly feel like bouncing down a gorge with very little water because they are hard as nails.

Eskimo Topo

Performance wise it is reasonably fast in a straight line but does not turn as fast as a playboat because it has greater length in the water.

Downriver- it is great fun going over instead of through everything, until you reach any big hole or stopper where it becomes an instant trash device.

Playboating- obviously not the best due to its high volume but easy to modify (Shaun Baker style) by heating and squashing into a playboat or just squashing the rear deck a bit to make it release better.

Eskimo Topo

Comfort/outfitting- basically a waterborne armchair, a high comfortable seat and descent shape thighbraces along with a squashy full plate footrest make it very comfortable.

Also – easy to repair if you dent in the ends- again with a heatgun just pop it out!!!